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   Chapter 27 My Queen

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Akasha set alarms off in my head from but I decided to ignore her instead. I continued to stare into my second mates beautiful emerald green eyes and he smiled before walking closer and stuck out his hand. "Hi, Im Ashton Stone." his voice was a bit rough but it had a smoothness to it as well. Even though Ashton seemed like a better mate I wasnt going to so easily fall into his arms. I cautiously grasped his hand. "Alyaez Turner."My voice greeted him back. "Would you like to go for a cup of coffee perhaps?"he asked me and I looked at him strangely. This was way different from when I met Liam. He was actuallyrespectful."S-sure" Since when do I stutter. I didnt even stutter when I met Liam and the guy was practically murdering me with his eyes. He grabbed my hand and began leading me through the forest.You dumb ass! Liam is our mate! How dare you accept this date from another male!Akasha growled and if I hadnt been so concentrated on making a good impression in front of Ashton my mouth wouldve dropped. Akasha is not only disagreeing with me but she swore atme which was a shock.Liam is our mate but he never marked us and for whatever reason, mom gave us a second mate. I actually think Ashton would be a much better mate for us than Liam.I told her and she growled and left to her area. "So what pack are you from?" he asked me. "Im originally from the Shadow Mountain pack but recently Ive had to join the Blood moon pack."I told him casually and he nodded his head. "What about you?" he stopped walking and looked at me curiously. "I actually come from the Lunar Dusk pack." Ive heard of them. They were also one of the most powerful packs in the world but nowhere near as powerful as my pack. "Interesting."I told him. "Yes Im the soon to be alpha as well and much like you I bare lunasegni."he spoke and I looked at him shocked as he smirked. Thats the first time that Ive ever met anyone who knew about my markings without me having to tell him. "Howd you know?"I asked him. "In my pack everyone bares the segni which is why we are one of the most powerful packs in the world. When you grow up with many that are the same as you, you eventually gain this sixth sense basically which is being able to identify those who carry the segni."he told me simply as if it were common sense. "Can I-"he answered my question before it was even finished and turning around to show me hisback. On instinct my hands went to touch his markings and trace them with my fingers. He shivered as my fingers began trailing his back. "Why is yours so much bigger than mine?" I asked him and he shrugged. I fell in a trance observing the details of his segni. "Do you like it?"he asked turning back towards me. I didnt realize how close I was until my nose almost skimmed his chest. I took a slight step back and nodded. "We should probably head to the coffee shop that is if youre still interested. "he suggested and I nodded my head. We continued walking no longer speaking but instead in a comforting silence. I began to think about what a life with him would be like. Itd probably be nice but ther

raced back to my pack. As soon as I got there I shifted and mindlessly threw Ashs shirt on enjoying his smell. I ran by my room and grabbed a pair of my sweats to throw on. I headed to the meeting room since Liam was likely to be there since we were discussing a pack matter and sure enough he was. Along with my sister, Louis, and Jay. Liam growled when I entered the room while everyone elses eyes widened. "Why do you smell like cherries and raspberries?"he snarled at me. "Thats not what we came to discuss. Ill gladly discuss that with you in the confinement of our own privacy but not here. Whats wrong with the pack?"I asked him changing the subject and his eyes brightened but he listened to me anyways. "Ive noticed that lately our warriors have not been at their best and there are other packs threatening to take our position as strongest pack in the world such as the Lunar Dusk pack. They are continuously getting stronger and are close to our strengths."I slightly smiled when he mentioned Ashs pack. "I suggest we increase training times and stop allowing them to have so much relaxation time."Louis spoke up. They all turned to me as I realized they wanted my opinion to. "I agree with Louis. Boost up the training time."I told them and they nodded. They continued to talk for a bit as I observed them. "Good discussion guys now will you please excuse me and my mate we need to talk."Liam said and dragged me out of the room to our bedroom. He turned towards me. At this moment fuck my life.

Heyo guys! 2 updates in a few day, heck yeah! What do you guys think of Ash? Do you think that Ally really should leave Liam and go with her second mate Ash? Let me know what you think down below in the comments! Also heres translations for Ash and Anas convo.

Este prietena ta~Is she your mate?


Sper c? nu este ca ultima~I hope shes better than the last one

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