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   Chapter 26 Training

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Alyaez POV-

After me and Liams conversation I decided that it was time I started heading to the garden to meet with Leto. Do you think that she is going to take us back to heaven to train?Akasha asked me.No but I have a feeling were not going to be the only ones she will be training.I told her as we rounded a corner and bumped into a familiar red head. "Ally! Ive been looking for you. I have something exciting to tell you!" Robin squealed bouncing up and down. I looked at her curiously waiting for her to continue. "Youre my twin sister! "she yelled and gave me a giant hug squeezing the life out of me. "Cant breathe " I gasped out and she let go of me very quickly. I bent over and put my hands on my knees as I tried to catch my breath. "I know." I said once the air started back to circulating in my lungs. She looked at me with shock and disappointment. "You knew yet you didnt tell me? "she asked with a saddend voice. "I barely just found out about you and Drew. "I told her trying to justify my actions even though telling her shouldve been my first priority. She began walking away but I grabbed her arm. "Let me go!" she screamed but I dragged her in the original direction I was headed in anyway. Leto will be able to explain thissituationbetter than I could. Besides Robin needs the training too. She continued to fight me as we headed to the garden than I realized something. I dont even know where the garden is.Tammy can you tell me how to get to the garden from the white hall.I mind linked her and she sent me a set of directions. I followed them and soon ended in the garden facing a gigantic white wolf with golden swirls. Robin stopped fighting me and looked at Leto with awe.I see youve brought your sister, my other daughter.Leto spoke calmly and I nodded my head. Robin gasped so I assumed she either heard me and Letos conversation or Leto told her something. "Leto will you please briefly explain to Robin and her wolf as to why I already knew about her and Drew being my siblings before she did." she nodded her head and proceeded to discuss it with my sister. I drifted towards a

nly got an image of a black wolf with green swirls running through the forest. I took a moment and shifted back. It was painful unlike other times when I shifted back. My bones popped unnaturally and my muscles twisted in ways that shouldnt be possible but were. I let out a loud cry of relief as my body finally morphed to its normal self. I was so busy enjoying the relief of no pain that I didnt notice a whitewolf approaching me. I quickly scrambled away trying to cover myself. The wolf went behind some trees and out came a half naked youngman. He looked at me curiously and threw a shirt towards me. I immediately took a sniff of it and was greeted by the second best scent ever not far from Liams, I smelt raspberries and cherries. I quickly put on the shirt and stood up. My eyes raked the guys six pack and admired his tattoo. His beautiful green eyes met mine and we both took deep breaths."Mate"he whispered.

Hey guys its your girl Aj! You guys wanted it so I gave it to you. What do you think of Allys new mate? She still has Liam but now theres this other unknown man that is her mate too! Lots of drama coming so be ready! As normal let me know what you think of the chapter down below in the comments!


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