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   Chapter 22 Truth

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Lilianas POV-

Id never been so happy to tell someone I was pregnant with Liams pup than I was in that moment with that bitch. I wouldnt have felt bad at all if herownbrother had killed her. Hell, Id be the happiest person on the planet because Id finally get my Liam back and we would have our own perfect little family.Who are you kidding Lil, we both know that neither you nor I want this baby. I dont understand why you havent aborted it yet.My wolf, Jade told me and I couldnt help but to agree with her. I dont want to have any children but if the only way to get Liam to be mine is have his baby than Id do it. After all we both want him dont we?We do but we could just kill it and blame it on the rogues!Good idea! We only have to kill a child that hell hold onto dear life for.Ugh! You over think it..What ever.."Come on Liam!" I wanted her to hear me! He stared at me with what I think was a sexy smirk. I bit my lip, but he scowled and I noticed he was looking at me with disgust! "Look what you did you stupid whore!" Thats all he said before storming off to his room.Jade whimpered slightly at the way that he spoke to us.I do

The guy was so lazy! "Hey boo!" Jay Said, then he kissed him! It was so passionate and truthful. Unlike mine and Liams..ours were full of lust and desire and..and hunger!


"Heyyy, babe!" Said Liliana. Her greeting was answered by a forceful kiss that waslegitexhausting. So much energy wasted on a fake kiss! Liam was forcing his lust towards her. He had nobody else except this little whore...

*Flashback over*

Yeah, those kisses dont mean two shits! How will I get Liam back to me? How?

- Moonlightlier


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