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   Chapter 21 I can do this

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I woke up before Liam and seen him peacefully sleeping with his arms wrapped around my waist. I could tell that he hadnt sleptfor a long time due to how dark the bags under his eyes were.

I gently moved a strand of hair out of Liams face grateful that he wasnt the cruel mercilessman everyone said he would be but instead a broken boy trying to protect himself and his family.

That was one of the many things that I thought of when Drew kidnapped me and I had nothing to do. Drew! I need to talk to him. I slowly slid out of his grip careful not to wake him up and than proceeded to get dress in decentclothes.

I left the room quietly and headed to the dungeon that I found when I was exploring the house. There were two guards in front of the door one of which was Miles. "Luna"They spoke in sync respectfully bowing their heads.

I didnt care to correct them and only wanted to see the person behind the door. "Let me through". They looked at each other before looking at me.

"Im afraid we cannot Luna. Alpha has ordered us not to let anyone in unless they were being escorted by Alpha himself. This includes everyone in the pack as well as you Luna"The other guard told me.

I growled.Relax Ally he only wants to protect us.I grinned so big inside my head Im sure if it had been physical my seeks wouldve ripped so I could grin bigger. Akasha was safe and alive.

Of course I am silly. Id never leave you alone. By the way after this Leto would like to speak with you in the garden. She told me and than faded from our shared part of my mind.

I returned to looking at the guards and than looked at Miles. "Miles I dont think youre mate would be very appreciative if she found out that you were disobeying your luna. Not to mention I know how tofixa guy in their sleep without waking them up"I told him threateningly and watched his eyes widen with fear.

"You wouldnt dare."The other guy spoke. "Are you sure? I mean I also know how to cut tails off too so tell me wouldnt I dare?"I spoke coldly and he looked at Miles who gave a slight nod. He sighed and grabbed the keys off his belt and opened the dungeon.

"Thank you."I said and walked in there. I seen Drew chained to the wall just like I had been with wounds from being whipped. He looked up and laughed bitterly.

"Come to see me love?"he spoke and the moment I heard his voice all the rage that Id had since the moment he kidnapped me came back urging me to kill him.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself before I spoke. "Its nice to see you where you finally belong Drew. Chained up like awild animal with no escape."I spoke and he laughed coldly.

"How much longer do you honestly think Ill be in here Alyaez? Its only a matter of time before I recover and wipe out this pack and whatever other pack that stands in my way to claim whats

kindest way possible. Her head turned towards me so fast that Im sure she gave herself whiplash.

"I see he hasnt told you."she began. "Dont do it."She smirked at Liam and continued talking. "Liam is the father of my child."I never thought Id be broken more than I was when I found out Liam cheated on me but now I see I am.

Hes having a baby with another woman. A woman who isnt me. I snatched my hand away and walked to our bedroom. I sat on the bed with heads on my head trying to process what Id just been told. I

Was thinking so hard I didnt even hear Liam come in. I felt the bed sink and looked to see Liam. "When?"I whispered. He gulped. "The first and only time I ever cheated on you."he told me quietly.

"Why didnt you use a condom?"I asked him, staring in his eyes seeing that he was in pain too. "I was so frustrated and couldnt think straight. I needed relief and realized after it happened Id made the worst mistake in my life."

He grabbed my hands tightly. "Please dont leave me. I need you but I cant abandon my first born."He begged. It was going to be hard especially since I hated Liliana so much.

Even more because it wasnt going to be our baby but as his mate I am supposed to be supportive of him in his toughest times so I said the one word that I knew Id have to stick with. "Ok"

Hey guys I know its been awhile but Ive had lots of school work and soccer games not to mention I just had homecoming the past week. What do you guys think of Allys decision? I also need names for the baby. I dont know what gender its going to be yet but I need some names. Until next time (hopefully a few days) Peace!


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