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   Chapter 6 He's Back

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I walk to the training room again after I have finished eating, my favorite thing to do was practice soccer, fighting came in close second and its been awhile since Ive hit an actual bag. I look around searching for a bag remembering the last time I was in here when I was so rudely interrupted. Once I get over to the bag, Ipull off my baggy t-shirt that covers my workoutgear and wrap my knuckles up before I begin hitting the bag. I thought about how my mom never loved me and wish I was never born. The only time she was ever happy to see me was the day that I went to the mating ceremony. She was so happy to get rid of the worst mistake of her life, me. I punch the bag harder. Maybe if my biological dad had known I existed, I wouldve had a better life. Maybe I would know how it feels to actually be in a loving family. Maybe I would have a sister or brother. My mom mightve liked me more if she didnt have to take me everywhere she went when I was a pup.

My knuckles begin to numb up as I hit the bag harder and harder. I cant even get proper respect from my mate all because he thinks hes some big shot. I was forced to come here against my will, my life is fucking hell. I feel arms wrap around me suddenly and begin to struggle against them before giving up and crying. I knew it was Liam since I smelt chocolate and cinnamon. I cry into his shirt as he rubbed my back, comforting me with soothing words. After what felt like an eternity of crying, I finally stop and wipe my face, trying to get rid of any remaining tears.

"Whats wrong, love?" Liam asks, pulling my head up. I push his hand away aggressively, storming out of the room, leaving him with no answer. I know it was pretty rude to do but he was one of the reasons to my breakdown, I just cant handle being in the same room as him without wanting to cry. I run through the halls turning sharp corners before I bump into someone.

I look up and see a familiar red head, "Robin!" I scream before being pulled into a tight hug.

"Oh my gosh, I thought Id never see you again, " She tells me.

We pull back from each other and she grabs my hand, dragging me to one of the rooms in the east side of the mansion. I look aroundadmiring the décor, Its so much different from Liam and Is room. "It wasnt always like this, " Robin says, as if reading my thoughts, "before, it was just a blue room with a red bed. I forced my mate to take me to the furniture store and redecorate the room, " she tells me laughing.

We sit on the bed and began talking, "so, who is your mate?" she smiles dreamily. Just like Jay had when I asked him to tell me a bit about Ronnie.

"My mate is Beta Louis D. Arias, " she smiles like the cheshire cat.

"Does he treat you well?" I ask concerned. I dont know how or why but in the shorttime Ive known her, Ive came to think of her as a sister. My brothers were all eight years old, one of my sisters just turned fifteen and the ot


"You will stay in here and do not leave this room without a guard, is that understood?!" He yells.

"Liam, tell me whats wrong. Who is Drew? I need to know why your so panicked, " I say, ignoring him.

He got in my face, making me to almost slap him, "Its none of your business, " he growls.

"Liam i-" I didnt expect it, It happened so quickly that I dont think either one of us had just registered what happened. Liamslaps me so hard, I fall to the floor. I glare at him and stand up. He looks at me shocked at what hes just done, but I was furious.

"Get out, " I tell him not bothering to hide how pissed I was.

"Im-" he began but I cut him off.

"Get the fuck out Liam before I fucking rip your head off!" I scream. He stands there for a second too long. I grab the lamp on the side table, chucking it at him with power behind it. He barely dodged but quickly scrambles out of the room. I begin to hit the walls, pissed at what he did. How dare he? I am his fucking mate and he lays his fucking hands on me? I should have hurt him the moment I stood. I scream in frustration. As quick as my anger came it had left, I was no longer angry but sad. Liam, my mate, my other half had the audacity to hit me. He obviously never truly cared about me if he was able to so easily hit me. I put my hand to my cheek and it stung, still tender from how hard he hit me. I cant believe I thought there was an actual chance that we could fall in love and have a family. Why am I joking myself? He never wanted me for me. He only wants me for offspring and Id be damned if I let some guy fuck me just because he wanted a strong pup.

Whos Drew? What did he mean by when I get my hands on you? Do you think Ally will ever forgive Liam?

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