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   Chapter 5 He's Mine

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Alyaez POV-

I run back towards the house, phasing by a bush where I left my clothes at. I get dressed, walk into the house, almost expecting to see Liam in the same spot hed been in earlier when I left, but I decided that this would be a good time to actually explore the house and see what I can find. I walk down a few hallways until I come to one that I didnt know. It seemed like it leads to the west side of the house? I wandered over and began poking my head into rooms finding that most were bedrooms and a few were bathrooms. As I moved deeper into the house, I began hearing noises. I followed the noise to a gigantic wooden door, pushing the door open and see a training room full of kids, as young as seven years old. I walk over to a girltrying to teach the kids how to flip. The girlturns to me and immediately glared.

"Break time, you have two minutes to get water, " she yells to the children who scramble away to their water. She walks over to me glaring, "I guess youre the new wolf in this pack. Listen, I have a few rules that all female wolves in this pack follow. Rule number one, do not get in my way or I will personally make your life a living hell. Rule number two, what I say goes, and rule number three, stay away from Liam. He is my mate, were planning on having pups soon." she says smirking. I start to growl at her but decide there was a better way to teach her instead.

"I dont care who you are or what you say, just know you ever talk or even think about Liam like he is yours or belongs to you again, I will rip your throat out because I am his real mate." I spoke with deadly calm, allowing Akasha to surface and show our power."do you understand me?" I ask. She nods her head in fear then returns to teaching her class.

"Jealous much?" I hear Liam ask from behind me. I turn and see him leaning against the door with an amused look on his face.

"She had no right to speak about you in such a way, especially since you already have a mate." I say, surprising myself with my words. Was this me or Akasha speaking? Maybe it was both of us.

"But thats the thing;I never said I wanted a mate. For all you know, I could still be messing around with her or be trying to have pups with her." he told me smirking.

I slowly walked over to him."Liam, I swear if you fuck her, youre going to regret it." I growl at him.

"What are you going to do about it?" he asked lowly.

"Ill fucking cut off your damn dick and throw it on to the fucking highway." I threaten him. He tilts his head sideways before grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the room to one of the bedrooms.

When we make it to the bedroom, he pushes me against a wall before smashing his lips against mine. I dont respond for a second but begin kissing back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He tries to force his tongue into my mouth but I wouldnt open so he bites my lip, trying to get me to gasp, but I dont. He then moves his hands to my ass and squeezes it, causing me to gasp in surprise. Liam gladly shoves his tongue into my mouth, having an endless fight for dominance. It was like fireworks, no, like the freaking galaxy was exploding between us. We continue to make out for a few more minutes before I push him away needing air. Oxygen traveled to my brain allowing me to realize what just happened. I had a make out session with a freaking murderer who also happened to kidnap me.

Liam tried to move to my neck but I pushed him away."what the hell Liam!?" I yell. He has such beautiful eyes when they turn darker. Wait, what am I thinking? He isnt sexy whatsoever, in any type of way.

Liam looks at me with confusion and lust."what are you yelling at me for?" he asked.

"You kissed me!" I yell, as if that reason would explain


"Yeah, and I would like to do it again, butyoure flipping out on me." He says as his eyes begin to lighten up to his normal baby blue.

"I didnt want you to kiss me! You forced me to kiss you." Even though I know he sure as hell didnt force me to do anything. I just needed a excuse to be mad at him.

He chuckles darkly."I never forced you darling, even if I did, you enjoyed it." He starts moving closer to me again.

"No I didnt." my voice cracks at the end as I began to panic from him moving closer.

"Youre body says another thing, love." He puts his hands on the side of my head, his eyes darkening once again."Accept it love, you want me as bad as I want you;maybe even more." he begins to trail butterfly kisses up and down my neck. My body began to give in while my mind screamed a big fat no when someone barged into the room.

"Oh come on Liam. Seriously, of all rooms, why would you pick this one knowing who sleeps in here?" a guys voice says. Liam looks at me before pulling away and walking out the room. My body was still recovering from Liams attack on it so I couldnt move.

The guy walks over."You are a pretty little thing, but I suggest you get out my room unless you still looking for a fuck buddy, which I would gladly accept." He says causing me to quickly move and rush out of the room. I hear his booming laughter as I leave. I speed walked to the kitchen in hopes of finding Tammy or Kat. I walk in and see Tammy making lunch.

"Thank goddess I found you Tammy." I tackle her in a hug. She almost falls back but catches her balance, hugging me back.

"Whats the matter, Chica?" she asks while continuing to cook. I told her about the girl I met, then about Liam, and then about the guy who wanted to be my fuck buddy.

By the time I was done her jaw had dropped open in surprise."Wow, thats a lot of stuff to happen in such a short time span." I nod in agreement."I am so glad and proud of you for putting Liliana in her place though." she says while setting up plates.

I look at what she was doing before following."thats her name?" she nods her head.

"Liliana Rose Gonzales, daughter of Santiago and Lisa Gonzales, may their souls rest in peace." she says sadly.

"Gonzales? Arent they part of the Dusk fall pack?" I ask while helping her put food on the plates.

"They were but when Liliana was just a baby her parents were killed by rogues, unfortunately her godparents happened to be apart of our pack since they were really good friends. So, of course the barbie bitch got sent here and was raised as their own. She is their princess and always gets what she wants so she never learned that life is unfair like the rest of us. Theyre still alive and still give her anything she wants. They even tried to bribe the alpha into taking her as a mate and having children with her but of course, he rejected the offer since all she was to him was another booty call, like majority of the unmated females in this pack.only difference between her and them is that they know he would never want any of them as a mate, " she rambles, putting food on the last plate, "make yourself a plate, the pack is going to want seconds and when they get them there wont be anymore food, " she says holding her own plate.

"You guys can come eat now, " I hear Tammys voice in my head. Ive already started to make a connection with the rest of the pack. A few minutes later a group of people come in and sit down before starting to stuff their faces with the food. I must say the food was good.

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