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   Chapter 4 He Really Cares

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Alyaez POV-

The next morning, I wake up cold. Sitting up from the bed, I look around noticing that Liam was no longer in the room. I feel slightly disappointed when I realize that but dont understand why. I get up to go get dressed when I realized that I had no clothes available to me. I walk out of the room annoyed and down to the kitchen, hoping to find either Tammy or Kat. Of course neither of them were here, "Hello." a voice spoke from behind me. I turn around to find a guy around my age, shirtless.

"Hi" I say shyly while discreetly scanning his abs.

"You have a mate!" Akasha yells.

"He hasnt marked me yet so, technically, I am still an unmated woman. Besides theres no harm in having a little eye candy." I calmly tell her.

"Who are you?" he asks me while crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the counter.

"Alyaez, what about you?" I asked him.

"Jermaine Torres but most call me Jay." he says confidently. Theres more of them.

"Are you an ass?" I ask seriously.

Jay looks at me confused, "Uh, no..."

"Murderer? Kidnapper? Over possessive ape?" I list.

He laughs, "No, no and hell no. My brother on the other hand, qualifies for two of those descriptions." I tilt my head at him, trying to figure out whether he was lying or not. "Look, Im not lying. I guess your Liams mate?" He starts heading to the coffee machine. How did I not notice the coffee machine?

"Yeah no offense, but your brother is a complete asshole." I boldly tell him.

"I know, Ive lived with him my whole life. Want some coffee?" he asks nicely.

"Youre a lot nicer than he is and yes, please with five teaspoons of sugar and creamer. Thank you." I get on a bar stool to wait for the coffee.

"So... dont you have any clothes other than the ones my brother gave you?" he asks me, handing me my coffee. I shook my head no. "Wanna go shopping today then?" I smiled excitedly.

"Sure, what time?" I ask him, stirring the coffee while I assume he looked at a clock behind me.

"Well, I normally go training after I have a cup of coffee but we can go shopping when we finish and then come back and do some training?" I nod my head in agreement. "Great! Let me just write a note for Liam so he knows where weve gone." he says, pulling out a napkin and pen from one of the drawers. "Took Alyaez shopping. Be back soon." he spoke out loud.

We finish our coffee quickly and he leads me to the garage where there were over 10 different cars, ."sorry they make me park my car in the pack garage." he spoke leading me to an black Camaro.

"Nice ride." I gawk as i get in the car. Jay starts it up and begins driving.

"You realize he could have been some rogue werewolf inside of the house and now he might be taking us to our death?" Akasha spoke overthinking our situation, like usual."You know, one day my so called overthinking is going to be right and youre gonna wish you had listened to me." I groan to myself and let her rant in my head for the next ten minutes.

"I understand!" I yell at her, annoyed, and she finally calmed down to shut her mouth. I let out a sigh of relief before turning to Jay."How old are you and do you have a mate?" I asked him.

He smiles."Im nineteen but Ill be twenty in a few days and I do have a mate." he spoke proudly. I look at him slightly surprised. I didnt think that he could be older than seventeen at the most but hes almost twenty years old and hes found his mate.

"Whats her name?" I asked him.

"Hisname is Ronnie." he answers back.

My jaw drops open in embarrassment."I am so sorry if I offended-" he cuts me off with a dismissive wave of his hand.

"Dont worry about it. I mean it is pretty rare to find same gendered mates." he says sadly.

"Youre right but whats Ronnie like?" I intriguingly ask him.

"Well, hes very shy and quiet, especially when it comes to mate talk. Ronnie can be intimidating when he wants to be but for most of the time, he is an total sweetheart. He has a dark past but maybe one day, when you guys meet and become good friends, Im sure hell tell you about it. Hes also quite funny without trying but its so adorable. I love him;hes my world. If anything ever happened to him... Im not sure whatd I do." he spoke with such passion about his mate that I couldnt help but be adored by their relationship. I wish Liam had been like that, but not everyone can live in a fairy tale like Jay and Ronnie. We soon arrived at the mall when Jay asks me, "so, which store do you want to hit up first?" I looked around seeing several stores before I locked eyes on my favorite store of all time.

"Lets go to Rue21! I love the clothes they have in there." I say and rush into the store. We were in Rue21 for about ten minutes before we came out with three bags.

"Wow, I think that was the quickest I have ever been in a clothes store with a girl before." Jay jokes, looking at me shocked yet impressed.

I shrug."I like shopping but not that much, b

ut is it okay if we stop by Hollister real quick to get a few more outfits?" I ask him sweetly. He nods his head and follows me into the store where I quickly pick up a few items before handing them to the cashier.

"Hey sweet cakes, whats your name?" I roll my eyes and ignored him waiting for him to do his job, "Im talking to you." he said not even bothering to scan what I brought to him.

I began to say something when Jay came to the rescue."Sorry babe; didnt mean to take so long, you ready to go?" he asks wrapping his arm around my waist. I look up at him and he just gives me a look that said gowith it.

"Yes love." I say going with it but almost immediately feel guilt and regret overwhelm me, as if I was cheating on Liam but I keep a fake smile on. The guy looked at us bewildered before finally doing his job. Jay grabs my hand, leading us out which causes more guilt to come to me.

Once we were out I removed my hand from Jays."Im sorry I did that, but it was necessary if we wanted to get out of there quickly, and dont worry, I feel like I cheated on Ronnie too. Hell, he might even be able to feel how guilty I feel right now." he spoke almost as if he were out of breath from running a marathon. I just nod understanding, too overwhelmed to speak. We got in the car and drove home in a comfortable silence. Once we got out he hands me my bags."Sorry I cant help you take them in;I have to go help Ronnie." he tells me before running into the woods, and by the sound of shredded clothes, phasing. I groan but take all of my new clothes in, realizing something. I let him buy all of this and never gave him any money to repay him. Oh well, Ill just give him some money next time. I fell into the couch, exhausted, and sigh, enjoying a moment of peace.

"Where the hell have you been!?" Liam yells from behind me.

I groan, aloud this time, and turn to face my mate."calm down, I just went shopping for some clothes since I obviously had no clothes here. Why didnt you tell me you had two brothers?" I ask him trying to change the subject.

"You are not changing the subject so easily. Dont you know how dangerous it is for you to go out there without my protection? For goddess sake, you bare a luna segni! Any unmated male couldve kidnapped and raped you just so they might end up with a child that bares the segni." he growls. I roll my eyes at the drama queen behind me, even though he was right. There have been many cases where a female baring the luna segni gets kidnapped and raped. They end up pregnant and give birth to a baby. If a girl shell bare the luna segni but most males prefer to have a son who ends up baring lunare segni because it gives their son more power then they already would have.

"Being kidnapped doesnt sound too bad while having a mate like you, " I mumble and instantly regretted it. I feel hurt consume me and I dont know why until I look behind me at Liam, to see him looking hurt. What the hell? We havent even bonded yet and yet I feel his emotions.

"I know Im not the best mate in the world but Im trying, " he whispers softly, almost child like. I shake my head, trying to rid myself of the emotions forming. I walk out the door like I didnt hear anything and phase into my beautiful blackwolf. I let myself sink into the background allowing Akasha to take over and roam the woods. I myself thought about what it would be like if maybe, just maybe, I fell in love with Liam. We would share passionate kisses, eventually one day, get married. I imagine that wed have two kids, twins, one girl and one boy. The little girl would have Liams baby blue eyes with my jet black hair and the little boy would have my browneyes with Liams honey brown hair. They would be so beautiful. Id never treat them the way my mother treated me. Id treat them with so much love, no matter what. It was a wonderful daydream until Akasha interrupted.

"You know that you love him so, why reject his and your love? You just daydreamed of how our future with him would look like. Does that mean nothing? " she asks while we run.

"Just because I daydreamed about a future with him would be like, does not mean I love him. Besides, its quite obvious he doesnt love us, " I tell her sadly.

I hear her chuckle, "Youre so blind. Didnt you hear what he said before we left?" she brought the memory back.

"I heard him but for all I know he could have been just saying that because he wants me to love him so I can give him a child that bares one of the segni, " I sink back into a space of my mind she wasnt allowed in and wouldnt listen to my thoughts. At least not purposely. Could I allow myself to love Liam? Maybe, but itd probably be after he showed me that he truly wanted me for me and not just my mark.??When I first met you, I honestly didnt know you were going to be this important to me??Check out my other books

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