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   Chapter 3 New Friends

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Alyaez POV-

Why couldnt I have simply gotten a non-insane mate? Maybe this is a punishment from Devanear for insulting my mother earlier today, although the message wouldve gotten through quite the same if I hadnt found a mate and been forcefully sent back to my pack. I got up from the bed and decided it would be a good idea to take a look around theroom. It was quite beautiful, but I think I mostly fell in love with the miniature library that was hidden in the corner of the room. I begin to skim my fingers along the spines of the books, feeling the texture. I read the title of each book until I come along a book that has been a favorite of mine since I was ten years old. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Im surprised to find this in Alpha Liams bedroom library, I never took him for being a romantic based off of the way he treated me.

After the library, I walk to the closet he pointed out. Of course it was full of nothing but suits so Ileave, finding that part of the room boring and head to the bathroom. It wasenormous, which was expected since it was connected to what I assume ishis bedroom based off of what I found in the closet. I walk around trying to see if there was anything else I could find to give me some information about him, but was quickly disappointed.

I look to the bedroom door.He said stay in here and that if I needed anything hed send a pack member. Why should the fact that he said stay in here stop me though? I walk to the door, twisting the handle to see if he left it unlocked or not. Its unlocked. For him to be the most fearful and powerful alpha in the world he sure is stupid. I left the room quietly and begin roaming the halls, trying to avoid being spotted. I was doing quite well until I heard a big thud from down the hall followed by someone yelling, "You idiot! Now what? Were supposed to get to the Luna in a matter of five minutes!" I hear a girl distinctly yell. I follow the yelling, peeking my head over a corner to see twogirlsarguing about what I guess was suppose to be my meal.

I walk in."Excuse me but would you two like some help? I know how to make an excellent meal in no matter then three minutes." I say politely.

The blonde one turns to me and smilesbig, too big."Of course, and thank you so much! By the way, my name is Tamara but you can call me Tammy and that bimbo over there is Katherine but you can call her Kat, ." Tammy says and hugs me andthanks for helping them. I smile then pull out some tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and meat. I chop up the tomatoes and onions before making a sandwich. I look at Tammy and Kat, andthey lookhorrified. Maybe it was because I made a sandwich or maybe theyve seen my luna segni?

"Oh goddess, we cant give that to the Luna! The alpha will have our heads on a stick, " Kat says disgusted. I lift the sandwich and bite into it.

"Youve just wasted our time, now were all going to have extra training tomorrow for not getting the Luna her food, " Tammy begins to panic. I laugh at the both which makes them to just glare at me. "You think this is funny? Just because Devanear has blessed you does not mean youre stronger than Alpha Torres, " Tammy yells.So they have seen my mark.

I chuckle a little, putting the plate down."calm down, the Luna already ate, " I tell them, wanting to draw on this game a bit longer.

"Oh really... When?" Kat spat out.

"Just now.My name is Alyaez Turner;Im the new Luna." both of their eyes widen in realization before they bow to me. "Stop bowing;its too formal for me." I tell them kindly.

They stand straight up, still with widened eyes."We apologize Luna for being disrespectful and having you to make your own meal as well as for yelling at you." Tammy tells me in a rushed tone.

"No need to apologize, you guys had no idea who I was. By the way, dont call me Luna. Call me Ally, " the girls stare at me in shock.

"We should get going and continue our chores. Are we dismissed Lu- I mean Ally?" Kat asks politely, noticing how she is trembling in fear.

I sigh, not meaning to have scared them."Youre not dismissed because were all going to hang out for the rest of the evening. You guys dont have to be afraid of me, Im just another eighteen year old girl, like you guys..." I lean back onto the counter before continuing to eat. It was like I watched the relief and weight roll off their shoulders. "I promise I wont harm you guys. Come on... relax and talk, I would like to be friends with my pack members." At that they seem torelax. "So... do you guys have mates?" I ask them both, trying to start a conversation. Kat nods a yes while Tammy shook her head no. "Whos your mate Kat?" I asked genuinely interested.

She studies me for a moment, to see if Im serious, before answering."His names Miles Jackson." a blush runs up her neck to her cheeks. That name sparks a memory but Im not sure where from. Oh well, Ill figure it out when I meet him.

"Were you both born in this pack?" they both n

od their heads and begin to talk about childhood stories. In no time, we were laughing about what seemed a horrible memory at the time but nowits funny. We continue to talk when a large voice startled three of us.

"What are you doing!?" Liam booms.

"What does it look like, doofus? Talking.Or at least we were before you so rudely interrupted." I tell him angrily, with a sprinkle of sass.

"You were supposed to stay in the room!" Liam growls, obviously irritated with me.

"Good job, Watson." I say with sarcasm rolling off my tongue. I look at the girls who seemed very tense."Girls, you are dismissed to do whatever you want. See yall tomorrow." They nod their heads, quickly scrambling out of the kitchen. I groan aloud."You scared the only friends I have here away." Icross my arms across my chest.

"Why are you not in our room like I commanded?" He asks in an icy tone.

"I was bored, " I shrug, "And the door was unlocked so I decided to explore the house, which is very nice by the way, kudos to you." I tell him, obviously uninterested in the discussion.

"You should stop being so rude. I can tell that his wolf is fighting to get free and punish us for disobeying them."Akasha told me.

"Well, guess what? We arent a lower status than he is therefore he has to treat us equally to him so, if he tries and punish us, well just punish him right back." I tell her with attitude. Akasha became silent after that. Thats the only thing I dislike about my wolf. As to where I was confident and bold, she was shy and obedient. She was a people pleaser and cared about what others thought, where I did what I wanted and didnt care about what others thought. Which makes sense because your wolf is suppose to help the weaker side of your personality. I return to reality and see that Liams eyes were flickering from his normal baby blue eyes to an sharp electric blue. Maybe I should calm him down, its never good when a werewolfs eyes lighten instead of darken. If they lighten that means youre sending the persons wolf into an extreme rage but if they darken it normally means that they are becoming lustful. I dont know which one Id prefer at this moment because neither seemed appealing.

All of a sudden, a need to calm him down came over me and before I knew it I was walking towards him slowly."Liam, I need you to calm down please. Do not let your wolf take over." I say quietly, putting my arms around him. What the hell am I doing? I should be running for my life, instead, I am stepping into the damn tornado. I heard a him take a deep breath before he buried his face in my neck. He took a deep breath again inhaling my scent before speaking.

"Never disobey me again unless you want a punishment from Demitrius." he whispers in my ear harshly before backing up. He looks at me and I watch as his eyes settle to their normal baby blue, then he grabs my arm, dragging me to his room. I didnt fight him which made me realize I wasnt in control of my body. Akasha had taken over my body without me knowing. I growled in my head knowing that she would hear. By the time I had finally pushed Akasha into the back of my head and locked her in the mental cage we were in the room. Liam walks into the closet and came out with some basketball shorts and a t-shirt, he hands them to me."Put these on to sleep in." He retreats back into the closet, closing the door behind him. I quickly change, scared hed come out with me being half naked, then sit in a chair waiting for him to come out. He comes out in a pair of pants and no shirt. I cant say that my eyes didnt drift down to his amazingly defined six pack."Are you just going to stare at me?" he muttered. My eyes snap up to his. He got in the bed and I frowned.

"Arent you going to take me to the room where Ill be sleeping?" I ask quietly.

He laughs."Darling, youll be sleeping in here with me. After all, this is our bedroom." He says disgustingly. I growl at him, ready to make a complaint but stop. I wasnt in the mood to deal with his asshole of a wolf. I walked to the bed and lay as far as possible from him. That was pointless since he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him.

"What the hell, Liam?" I try to push him away.

"What? I just want to cuddle with my mate." he says sweetly, while shrugging.

"What the... is he bipolar or something?" I ask myself. I couldve sworn just a few hours ago he hated my guts. I was distracted long enough for him to grab me again and put a steel bar arm around my waist. I struggled for a few minutes before I gave up. I decided if Im gonna be held captive between his arm and his chest might as well take advantage of it. I cuddled into his chest and quickly fell asleep due to the warmth coming off of him and surrounding me.

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