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   Chapter 2 Strength or Love

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Alyaez POV-

"We are leaving now, " Liam growls at me. I frown and turn back to Robin and her mate, wanting to continue my conversation with her but she was still stuck in a state of fear, just like everyone else in the room. I went to wave my hand in front of her face to grab her attention when I felt myself being thrown over a shoulder. Youve got to be kidding me.

Oh my fucking god, let go of me you, over possessive ape, " I hiss. He was literally fireman-handling me in front of allmany people!My mate continues walking as if I didnt say anything, so I began swinging my legs, hoping to hit him in the ribs. Extreme fail, since hes holdingmy legs down. "We cant leave now you dumb-ass, thats against the rules!" I yell, annoyed. I know Im making a big scene but I had just started to enjoy myself, truly, and Ibegan to make a friend. I continue to struggle, but after a few minutes, Ifind it was utterlyuseless. It tookanother five minutes of walking before being thrown in the car. Fucking bloody hell; another thing to add to the list of howwonderfulmy mate was. Asshole, murderer, and kidnapper. My wolf believes she has such wonderful taste in men.

"If you would just stop struggling against our mate, youd see how much he loves and cares for us, " Akasha tells me.

"No, if you hadnt picked such an asshole of a mate then hed show how much he loves and cares for us, but no, you wanna go for the fucking psychopath." I respond to her, annoyed, then push her into a mental cage.

"Miles, drive us home, " Liam commands the driver, Miles.

"Yes alpha, " Miles instantly responds, baring his neck slightly to show subordination before driving off. Liam rolled up the window that separated us and Miles.

"Are you mentally ill?"I ask Liamseriously.

"No, now shut up, " he says coldly.

"What is your name, meu inima?" he asks, calling me my heart in Romanian. Oh, so now he wants to talk, but just ten seconds ago, he tells me to shut up. Two can play that game. SoI ignore him and pull out my phone to play a game; then he snatches my phone out of my hand.

"Are you fucking insane?" I ask him with a deadly stare and a cold voice.

"Answer my question, meu inima. What is your name?" he asks, seeming genuinely curious.

I sigh with annoyance."Alyaez Dalaje Turner, Shadow Mountain Pack, " I hold my hand out, expecting him to put my phone init, but unfortunately, he doesnt. "Give me my fucking phone, " I growl.

He ignores me, simply saying, "you are no longer Alyaez Turner of the Shadow Mountain Pack, you are now Alyaez Dalaje Torres of the Bloodmoon pack, mate of Liam Jason Torres and Luna of the Bloodmoon pack." Hold the fuck up. Did he really just try and change my name to Torres and then declare me Luna without my permission?

"I didnt marry you yet, so my name is Alyaez Turner and I never accepted you as my mate, therefore, I am not the Luna of your pack, " I tell Alpha Liam, crossing my arms.

"You will accept it or I will ban you from the pack, " he says angrily, trying to command me. I smirk. Oh well; ifhe is my mate, I might as well reveal it. I tore off the piece of the dress that hid my luna segni.

"I am not just some weak female werewolf that you can control."

Liam POV-

Knowing the way Im acting is horrible, especially since it is towards my mate, but if I let her get too close, then I would become weak. In all honesty, I think I have such a beautiful mate, and to make things better, she bares the luna segni mark which means she will make a wonderful and powerful Luna for my pack. I continue to stare at her mark in amazement, since I have never seen one close up.

"Cat got your tongue, dumb ass?" she asks. That attitude, though, was either going have to go or be put

under control.

Composing myself, I command, "Be a good mate and shut your mouth until we arrive home."Alyaez glares at me with those beautiful eyes, but she complies. The rest of the ride home was silent. I get out the car and grab her from the other side before leading her to my bedroom. I hear a groan from her but she follows without restraint. "This is where you will be sleeping and staying, over there in the right corner is a bathroom, next to it is the closet. Stay in here; Ill send one of the pack members to attend to you." I kiss her forehead, which surprises her.Ileave the room quicklyafter I realize what I did, not bothering to stay for her reaction.

In my office, I find that it is extremely cluttered with papers.

"Wasnt my brother suppose to handle this while I was at the ball?" I ask myself.

"We did leave early, and by the way, you should stop treating our mate like shit; otherwise shes gonna hate us." I hear Demitrius speak.

"If she hates us, we wont be weak. We will continue to be the strong and merciless alpha that we are." I truthfully tell him as I begin to organize the papers.

"She will not make us weak. She will make us stronger than we already are. We will be stronger as a couple than we would be as individuals, especially since she bares luna segni." as much as I hated to admit it, hes right, which is why I push him into the back of my head. I continue to organize the papers in peace when I hear a knock."come in!" My best friend and beta of the pack enters.

"Nice catch. Shes hot and feisty, " Louis casually says, sitting down. I feel a spark of rage, and jealousy springing through me, that probably caused my eyes to change color and glowfrom the way he spoke of my mate. No one but I can talk about her like that.

"Louis, this is only your warning, never speak of my mate like that again." I sternly command him. Louis shrugs it off like he didnt care, completely dismissing my command.

"Wasnt your brother supposed to organize this before you came back?" He says lazily, beginning to mess around with the stuff on my desk.

I nod my head."Besides that, did you meet your mate tonight?" I ask him sitting down. I was giving up on cleaning this disastrous office.

"I did... She has beautiful orange eyes and red hair. I call her my Little Red, but never got her name due to you leaving the ballearly and I having to follow not long after, " he says casually, showing his disappointment."She isnt shy, but she isnt outspoken either;loves music but it cant be too harsh. We also had our first kiss tonight, it was so amazing that I had to stop myself from marking her right then and there. Im glad I did though, especially since its against the rules. By the way, are you going to take off your mask?" he asks after his speech. I forgot I was wearing it, but nod my head and slide the mask before throwing it across the room. He continues, "have you marked her yet, since you guys left the ball early?" he asks me.

"Of course not. If I mark her, Ill be bonded to her for the rest of my life with no escape. I will become weak. I dont even want to." I lie, but obviously not well enough.

"Cut the bullshit.I know when your lying, man, Ive known you since we were pups. Why are you denying her and yourself happiness? She loves youalready and you love her, so why the hell wouldnt you mark her?" he asks.

"Careful how you speak to me, Louis, I am still your alpha and can lower your position in the pack, " I tell him, hoping it would change to the subject.

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