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NOTICE: To all the people from moboreader, first this book was not initially written on moboreader meaning there are messed up chapters and characters through out it, I don't know why that is because when I look at it, it is fine but you guys see something different. Second, I know the storyline may be messy, but I was 13 when I started the book, and 15 when I finished it, so please understand I was not nor am I currently a professional writer. And lastly, due to this book being wrote on a completely different platform there is a author's note (A/N) at the end of almost every chapter because it is traditional to have it there, at least for the platform I came from. I hope you all enjoy!

Alyaez POV-

Sitting in my room, I groan as my mom continues to talk about the mating ball. She has been in my room for the last hour, lecturing me about how I can and cannot act and when I can and cannot speak, all that good stuff, "I cant believe it! My baby... going to find her mate, tonight!" mother squeals. I face palmed myself, I dont understand why I have to go. I have lunasegnimarkings.

"Why do I have to go when ourmoon goddess Devanearhas blessed me?" I ask mom as she starts to do my hair.

She sighs, "you mustnt let any of the males see your luna segni. They will not want you as a mate, but as a weapon."

"Mom, you didnt answer my question... why do I have to go when I am one of the most powerful wolves in the world? I dont need a man to take care of me." I spoke harshly.

My mother stops doing my hair to turn me around to slap me across my face. "Neverspeak that way of your future mate again! Youll be lucky if Devaneargives you someone who can get rid of you, finally, " she says in a deadly tone, glaring at me before continuing to do my hair. I become quietand touch my cheek. I knew my mother never really loved me but never once did I think she would strike me. I shouldve expected it since I was her mistake child. She got pregnant with me before she met her mate, therefore, I became the mistaken child. I sit silently the rest of the time until she completely finished changing me.

"Alright, done, " she slightly pushes me up towards the mirror. In the mirror, amazed at my beauty, I become sad knowing this was not done because she loved me, but because all her children needed to be seen by their mate at their first ball so she could brag about how lucky, beautiful, or handsome her kids are. "Yourlimo is here, " she begins to push me out the door, "Richard will escort you inside and than immediately leave. Do not disappoint me Alyaez!" she yells as I climb into the limo.

I sit in the back and looked to my left seeing the man I called father. Looked at me sadly, he says, "youve grown to be such a beautiful woman, Orchid."

"Thank you but, I dont want to go dad, " I whisper. He sighed and pulled me in a tight hug.

"I know but you must. Your mother and I will miss you very much when you do find your mate, " he spoke kissing my forehead. "You know shes never loved me, so why would she miss me? I was the mistakechild, " I say, pulling out of his embrace.

"She loves you very much, " he argues.

"Sure has a hell of a way of showing it, by yelling at me all my life, then striking me today when I spoke my opinion..." I mumble, momentarily forgetting he has supernatural hearing.

"Youre right but, just think, if you find your mate tonight, youll escape your mother." I almost forgot in that moment that Richard was my mothers mate. I mean how can such a kind man be the mate of an horrible woman?

"Thank you, for being my actual parent." I say to him truthfully.

"Anytime, but were here now, " he gets out of the limo before walking around to open my door. We walk up to the mansion doors and stop. He smiles softly and kisses my forehead, "I love you, Orchid." Richard walks away and I sigh, walking in to line up with the other girls for my grading on strength, beauty, and intelligence. The women called a few names before they call mine, "Alyaez Dalaje Turner of the Shadow Mountain pack, strength is eight out of ten, beauty, ten out of ten, and intelligence... ten out of ten, " she says, making me step up. Two women came to my side and escort me to the room where the other women who have already been graded were. I walk in to see many women socializing.

"Hi!" I hear a chipper voice from the side and turn to see agirl.

"Hello, " I replied boringly and turn away yet she pops in the front of my face.

"My name is Robin Vazquez of the Dark Moon pack. Whats your name?"she asks.

I sigh, already exhausted, "Alyaez Turner of the Shadow Mountain pack, " saying it quickly to avoid any further conversation with the little redhead.

"Ive heard of your pack. Arent they like one of the most strict but kind packs in the world?" she asks as it became clear to me that I had no choice but to talk with her.

"I guess... I wouldnt know seeing as how my mother kept me locked away from everyone but my family." I tell her nonchalantly. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, well Im sorry, I didnt know, " Robin began but I cut her off with an intense stare at which she just laughed at. "I like you, you dont take shit from anyone, almost like an alpha, is your dad an alpha?

" This girl is very nosy but she was also very kind. She would have made a great friend growing up, I can tell.

"I dont know, my mother got pregnant with me a few months before she found her mate so she up and left my biological father. I dont think he even knows I exist, " I shrug.

"Oh, your like me, only difference is that my mom left me with my dad after she gave birth, " she says sadly, letting her frown quickly turn into a smile. "We should stick together once the actual ball starts so no one can claim us as their mate, then after its over, return to our packs, " she says excitedly. I smile, she would return to her pack but I would run away and start a pack of my own where your past didnt matter as long as you were trying to start a new life.

"Alright, girls! Time to go out and find your mates. Remember, this is a three day process. On the first day, you will simply introduce yourselves to everyone hopefully, finding your mate. If you do find your mate today, you are not allowed to go home with him until the final day of the ball. You will not reveal your identity to your mate until todays ball is over. Tomorrow will be a day for you to get to know your mate and them to get to know you. On the final day, you and your mate will continue to bond. Your pack will send your necessary items to your mates home of which you will go to at the end of the ball and assume your role as whatever by him. If you do not find your mate, you will return to your pack and return back here at the mating ball next year." She then opens the doors, letting the girls leave to find their mates.

Robin and I walk to the bar where we order wine, sit, talk for awhile. Then, thats when I notice, Robins eyes have dilated and she was taking deep breaths. Robin found her mate... Amanwalks up to Robin before gently grabbing her hand and kissing it. He looks her in the eyes before asking in a deep soothing voice, "Hello, Little Red. Would you mind giving me a dance?" Robin nods excitedly before looking at me and mouthing a sorry. I just nod my head, letting her know it was okay for her and her mate to go to the dance floor.

I continue to drink my red wine, thinking about what I would name my new pack, seeing as how I obviously will not be finding my mate this week. "Mine..." a deep voice growls behind me. All the dancing and music in the room stops at the sound of that voice. I turn around to see the most beautiful pair of eyes Id ever seen and, he smells like chocolate and cinnamon. He roughly grabs my arm, trying to drag me to the dance floor when I snatch my arm back. Great just great! My mates an asshole.

"Keep your hands off me, " I tell him, returning to drinking my wine like nothing happened, even though I was extremely distracted by his smell. He roars, grabs me again, dragging me away from the dance floor. I try to fight back but he was using too much strength. I look at Robin for help and see the fear in her eyes for me. He continues to drag me until we were in an isolated room in which he locks the door and then, finally lets me go. "Who the hell do you think you are!?" I yell, extremely pissed that he dragged me from my perfectly good wine and into some dark ass room.

"Shut up! You are my mate and you will not disrespect me like that!" He growled fiercely. I flip him off knowing he could see it due to how well werewolves seen in the dark. He went to go hit me which was a bad move on his side. I had a temper and was already pissed. I moved to the side and let him swing at a lamp right before he hit me and than I hit him in his family jewels, "lesson one, I dont give a fuck about who you are. And lesson two, never, ever, try to hit me again or I will do everything in my power to make your life a living hell." I say, seething and walk out of the room back to the ball. The room was still silent, "what are you still staring at?! Get back to your bloody ball!" Immediately everyone began dancing or talking and the music started back up.

Robin runs up and almost knocks me down in an attempt to hug me. I didnt react immediately, not use to this type of affection, but a few seconds later I returned it, "Im so sorry Alyaez, " she said through tears.

"For what?" I ask pulling back.

"Your mate, " she simply responds.

"Whats so special about him? Hes just an over possessive male who needs a major attitude check." I harshly say, clearly not satisfied with how my supposed mate acted.

"Do you not know who he is!?" She whisper yelled. I shake my head, confused, and she gasps, "Oh my god. Your mate is Liam Torres of the Bloodmoon pack. Hes the most violent alpha in the world. He has no mercy for anyone that disrespects him or anyone that doesnt satisfy him. He decapitates someone daily!" she says in a hushed tone. Oh so hes an asshole and a murder. Thank you so much Devanear. I look at Robin again to see her focusing on something behind me with fear. Looking back, I see an enraged... Liam.

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