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   Chapter 43 Lady of the House

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 5552

Updated: 2019-08-08 17:32

Luna thought that she and Amber would be alone, but a moment after Hero left, an old woman and a young teenage boy came out from the kitchen and greeted her.

"Master Hero has informed us about your arrival, Milady. Your things have been moved by Rico, your personal bodyguard, to your room. I'm the caretaker of this house; you may call me Madam Lin. This is my grandson, Adam."

"Hello, I'm Luna Jiang. I hope we get along." Luna slightly inclined her head.

Madam Lin was pleased that the woman her master chose to marry wasn't a frivolous woman. Luna Jiang might not be as pretty as the other women she'd seen flaunting to get Hero's attention, but she could tell that this woman was a good choice.

Even their young miss Little Amber seemed bewitched by Luna Jiang's charm. Everyone within the estate knew that Little Amber doesn't like people touching her, but with Luna, she seemed like a little puppy that follows her owner with wagging tails.

"We've prepared your dinner, Miss Luna. I'm sure you're tired from your long day." Madam Lin then turned to Little Amber. "Does Little Amber want to join us for dinner?"

The little girl nodded in response and held her Mommy Luna's hand. Luna smiled at her before following Madam Lin for dinner. She noticed the lack of dust in the front hall and hallways. Most surfaces were polished and cleaned, giving a light scent of lavender within the area.

Following Madam Lin's lead, they came to the tall doors that led to the dining room, where another man stood waiting for them to arrive. Bowing low, the man opened the double doors and let them inside the dining room.

Everything was spotless. Luna

laced at the center of the room.

Luna was glad that the girl was obediently listening to her. After giving her a quick bath and drying her hair, she tucked her on the bed and stayed at her side until she fell asleep. Luna hummed a song while she tried to think what to do now that she was married.

Should she resign from work? Would her husband allow her to her work?

These past few weeks had been a lot of ups and downs in her life. One moment, she was happy being Jasper's girlfriend; the next moment, she was now President Li's wife. She knew that it wasn't the end of it. She still had to find out what really happened to her brother's accident. She had this nagging feeling that it wasn't just a coincidence.

Realizing that the girl had finally fallen asleep, she slipped out from the bed and closed the door silently, hoping that she wouldn't wake up the child in her slumber.

Luna released a sigh she didn't know she was holding. It was only then it came to her that she didn't know where to sleep!

Being the new lady of the house, did that mean she shared a room with her husband?

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