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   Chapter 42 What Kind of Man She Was Married To

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 5537

Updated: 2019-08-05 22:36

When Luna came back to the parking lot, she saw her husband leaning at his car, a cigarette in one hand. She stopped in her tracks and hesitated, but wasn't it too late for her to back out?

She didn't trust him, and yet she chose his help over Sienna to save her brother. If she wasn't so desperate, she wouldn't have to associate herself with this man!

What's the point of refusing his company when she's already his wife? They might be legally tied up together, but that didn't mean he could have her wholeheartedly.

Luna contemplated what she should do next. After making sure that Julian would be saved and get the proper treatments, she never gave a thought about what would happen to her. Would her husband still allow her to work, or would she be caged on a lonely and abandoned room—never to see another person again?

She cast a quick glance at Hero, who was focused on the road, as he drove towards his home. Little Amber was giggling beside her as she ran her small, pudgy hand on Fluffy's thick, white fur.

Surprisingly, her dog liked the little girl very much but not Hero. The moment Fluffy saw Hero, he let out a low warning growl which Luna quickly halted.

"Don't pull his ears and tail, okay?" Luna reminded the little girl. Little Amber beamed a big smile on her direction and nodded. She never had a pet before, and she was thrilled that her new mommy's dog was very cute and big. She loved running her chubby fingers on his thick fur.

Meanwhile, Hero was listening silently and—every once in a while—take a look on his dashboard mirror to check on Luna and Amber. His daughter had been frantic when she woke up again, not

Hero's phone rang.

"Hello. Okay, I'll be there in fifteen minutes, " Hero told whoever on the other line before turning to his wife. Luna chewed her lower lip as she continued to look around. So there would be the three of them staying at this huge house?

Hanging up on his phone call, Hero took something on his coat and handed something to Luna.

"These are the keys to this house, and this card is for you to keep. I need to go back and finish some work. You stay here with Amber and have dinner without me. Is that alright?"

Luna nodded, and without another word, Hero left without saying goodbye to his daughter. Once he was out, Luna looked down on her palm to see if she was imagining things.

Eh? Hero had really given her the house keys? Also a credit card under her name?

Luna huffed, trying not to roll her eyes in front of a child.

"It's only you and me tonight, darling. Do you think you can help Aunty with dinner?"

She wasn't bothered by the fact that her new husband just left her during their wedding night. At least, she would be saved from further embarrassment.

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