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   Chapter 40 There’s No Love Between the Two

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4960

Updated: 2019-02-12 00:07

"Luna!" Corinne gripped Luna's arm and gave her a shake. Her wide eyes stared at Luna's as she tried to see if she was joking or not.

Did she just say she married their President Li?! What the hell was happening to her friend?! How the hell did she associate herself with their aloof and reserved boss!

"You aren't joking, right? For fuck's sake, you just broke up with that idiot, Jasper!" Corinne threw her arms in the air in frustration before turning her back to Luna. It all made sense now: why Luna wasn't trying to get back with Jasper and had let that bitch, Aiko, take away her boyfriend. Her eyes landed at her young daughter who was giggling as she played with Luna's dog.

"Please, Luna. Tell me what's happening to you?" Corinne begged.

They had known each other's for years and been with each other through the up and downs of their lives. When she first met Aiko who was trying to get close to Luna, she already had a hunch that the woman had malicious intent against Luna, but Luna had claimed that Aiko deserved a chance to prove herself.

Luna took a deep sigh. She felt compelled to explain everything to Corinne. After all, she was the only one who helped her without asking for anything in exchange. She took her friend's hand and lead her back to the kitchen where they could talk privately and out of Mia's hearing.

Corinne served her a cup of tea as they sat at the dining table. Her eyes wandered at Luna's face and figure, she could tell that Lun

like what he said earlier, she belonged to him.

"President Li do whatever he wishes. Now, that I married him, I know that I'm also trapped in this marriage. The only things good about this are that his daughter accepted me already and Julian's life is now out of danger."

Corinne didn't like what Luna was implying. She dearly hoped her friend didn't sell herself to President Li to save her little brother, but Corinne knew. She knew what Luna did and sacrificed for her brother's sake.

"Can you divorce him? Did he give you a certain period as to how long you two should stay married to each other? There's no love between the two of you. If the day comes when he loses his interest in you, it will be easier for him to give your freedom."

Luna shook her head. With the way that was going on with her life, she didn't think Hero would release her from this forced marriage anytime soon. Not when she was carrying his child.

"I'm afraid not. I'm pregnant with his child."

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