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   Chapter 37 Everything Comes with a Price

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4313

Updated: 2019-02-05 23:27

They only spent an hour inside the Civil Registry Office to register their marriage. After a brief orientation on marriage, filling up the forms, and signing papers, they were officially declared as husband and wife. An officer passed the couple two little red books which were their marriage certificates.

And that was it. Luna officially became Hero Li's lawfully wedded wife. Her eyes fixated on the red book in her hand before closing it and releasing a sigh. It would be worth it. Julian wasn't in a critical condition anymore, but he had to undergo two more surgeries before the doctors deemed he was safe.

"From now on, I'm your husband, and you are mine. Do not forget whom you belong to." Without waiting for Luna to respond, Hero held up her face and pressed his lips against hers. He released her and lifted up his daughter from the ground.

"We should head back to the hospital now. The officers might be waiting for you." Hero rushed her and left the office with his new wife trailing behind him.

When they arrived at the hospital, they saw the officers talking to Elaine Ye. Elaine saw her daughter with Mr. Li again and was bothered why they were so close. Was there something more than meets the eye?

"Mom, Is everything alright? Did they find out who did this to

to help you."

Of course, that money came with a price. What Sienna didn't anticipate was Luna selling herself to Hero Li to save his brother. She was also surprised that Sienna had been keeping track of her life. Luna narrowed her eyes. She felt like it was too good to be a coincidence.

How come Sienna knew of this kind of information when she just heard about it from the officers earlier? Julian got involved in a car accident, and so soon, Sienna was proposing a deal to her? Luna thought it was all but bullshit.

A cold shiver ran down her spine. Luna's eyes flashed with murderous intent. If Sienna was involved in Julian's accident, she would make sure she'll pay for it.

"Why are you being so nice to me, now?" Luna scoffed. She had learned a long time ago that there was no such thing as a free lunch. Everything would come with a price.

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