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   Chapter 35 A Daddy for the Second Time Around

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4882

Updated: 2019-02-04 02:18

Luna refused to meet Hero's eyes. She'd been panicking ever since the doctor informed her about her pregnancy. How should she tell him about the baby they never planned to conceive in the first place? Would he changed his mind once he found out about her baby?

Elaine Ye could sense something was going on between her daughter and Mr. Li. She had only met the man twice, and she was aware that there was an attraction between the two. The only thing that bothered her was Luna's relationship with Jasper Mo. Did they break up because Mr. Li stepped into the picture?

He arrived with a child with him. The little girl must be his daughter from another woman. Elaine Ye had no idea that Hero was Luna's boss and the one who helped her family to pay Julian's medical expenses.

Now that she thought about it, it was time to check up on her other child, too. Luna should be able to go home later which lessened her worries. She just hoped that her daughter would explain everything to her once she was ready.

Luna had denied that Jasper was the one who fathered her child and refused to tell who it was. Didn't she say that they broke up a month ago and Jasper left with Aiko to go abroad?

While she had met Jasper on several occasions before, she didn't like how his family treated her daughter. They even tried to separate the two but had failed every time. What made them broke up was beyond Elaine's understanding.

Luna wouldn't give up easily. She

rt-circuit with what the doctor said to Luna. He was rendered speechless in his seat while Luna's cheeks were tinged with a slight blush as she gave thanks to her doctor.

'Congratulations on being a daddy for the second time around." The doctor patted Hero's shoulder before leaving the room.

Hero stared at Luna with a blank expression on his face. Luna fidgeted and tried to fight the blush that was creeping to her face. Ah, she shouldn't be like this. Why was she blushing anyway?

They had slept together, and he deflowered her that night. They should have known the consequence of that night when neither of them used protection.

Hero broke the deafening silence between them. His face remained unreadable so Luna broke out in cold sweat. Needless to say, she turned into a bundle of nerves!

"You are pregnant, " Hero stated the obvious thing, but in Luna's ears, it sounded more like stating a fact than asking a question.

"Yes, " she breathed out.

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