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   Chapter 34 Mommy Luna

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4871

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:54

Hero came home when the sun was already up, only to find his daughter throwing a tantrum early in the morning. She was yelling and crying at the top of her lungs while throwing everything that she could reach. Even his sister, Joanna, had a hard time making her calm down or listen to her.

"Brother, you're finally here. Please help me. Amber has been throwing a fit ever since we came home last night, " Joanna told him.

"What happened?" Hero asked. He was a little irritated that Amber was giving him problems when all he wanted to do was to take a quick nap before returning to Luna's side at the hospital.

"I don't know what happened, but when she woke up from her nap last night, she started crying and looking for Miss Jiang. I thought maybe she was missing her, but knowing that Miss Jiang has emergency situations to deal with, I didn't dare to give her a call which made your daughter upset, " His sister explained. So that was what happened.

After hearing Joanna's explanation, Hero sauntered towards his daughter's room and opened the door, only to be smacked on his face with her white bunny stuffed toy.

"Amber Li, " Hero called out her name in a warning tone.

Amber instantly became alarmed. She hid under the covers of her blanket and continued to cry. She was missing her Aunty Luna and was worried about last night, but her daddy and Aunty Joanna wouldn't tell her what happened and where her Aunty Luna was.

Hero approache

na seemed a little preoccupied and hadn't noticed that the father and child arrived to visit her.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Li, " Elaine greeted Hero when she saw him and Amber standing at the doorway. "Please come in, Luna woke up a few hours ago. Thanks again for helping her last night."

Hero gave her a curt nod. "Don't mention it, Miss Ye. I'm glad I could help."

When she felt a small hand touching her arm, Luna turned her head to see who it was, only to see Amber's cute face grinning up at her. She smiled back and greeted the little girl.

"Hello, darling. What brings you here?" she said, her hand cupping Amber's chubby cheeks, her thumb running on her soft skin.

Amber nodded and climbed up on her bed and snuggled beside her while wrapping her small arms around Luna. The woman in bed giggled at her antics. Such a sweet little girl that she was.

Her hazel eyes then turned to the father of this little girl. The same man who fathered her baby.

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