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   Chapter 32 Marry Me

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4943

Updated: 2019-01-31 22:23

Luna weighed her options. If she accepted Sienna's terms, she would lose everything that was rightfully for her and Julian; and if she chose to become Hero's woman, what kind of woman would she be? She would be nothing but a trophy wife that would abide him until he deemed it was worthy enough to release her.

"I'll be on my way, Mom, " she replied before cutting off the line. Julian was in a grave condition, and she should be there as soon as possible. She couldn't afford to waste any more time.

Sienna looked at her expectantly. The small smile on her lips, indicating that her goal was almost in her reach. Ah, finally ... she can finally say that a thorn would be removed in her life. She had waited too long for Luna to come to her and seek for help.

"So? Are you going to agree or not?" Sienna asked. She was already rejoicing inwardly.

Luna could feel her hatred for her sister rose to another level. Was she really that desperate to get rid of her?

"Why are you still here?" Her father's voice roared, startling both women. "Get out!" he yelled.

"You don't have to tell me!" Luna snapped back at her father. "I know my way out!"

Afraid that their father would ruin her plan, Sienna stepped forward and tried to calm him down.

"Dad, it's alright. I will deal with Sister. She's just agitated from all the problems she's dealing with." She walked towards her father and held his hand.

Stephen's eyes softened as he looked at Sienna. Ah, if only L

already aware of the situation of her brother and her desperation to raise funds for his immediate operation. Just like what he'd predicted, Stephen Jiang had casted out his woman and refused to help her. He'd waited patiently for Luna to come to him and beg. Not that he would refuse her.

"Sure, " he agreed without hesitation, surprising Luna. "I will help you pay his medical bills and expenses. I will also help you destroy the Jiang family if you want."

Luna's eyes flashed with murderous intent and contempt when he said those words.

"I will help you, but in return …" Hero stopped abruptly, taking in the expression on her face.

Luna had already made up her mind. There was no turning back. "Tell me what I need to do."

"Marry me."

"What?" Luna gaped in shock from his words.

Did he really want to marry her at a time like this?

"Marry me, and I'll help you and will provide you everything. Or else … forget that you have a chance to save your brother."

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