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   Chapter 31 Choose the Lesser Evil

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4164

Updated: 2019-01-30 22:09

Luna regretted going to this place. If she had known that he would not help his own child, Luna would never dare to seek her father's help. Her fists clenched on both sides as she listened to her father's nonsensical reason.

"You dare to call yourself a man!" she blurted out, "He's your own son. You will let him die just because you cannot release money to pay for his operation?"

"Have you forgotten that you were the one who chose to cut our relation? And now you dared to step on my house to ask for money?" Stephen Jiang slammed his hands on the table in front of him. "Ungrateful child!"

He wouldn't admit it, but when this daughter of his left their company, they suffered a loss. She was one of the best managers they had, but she chose to leave them because of her animosity against her half-sister, Sienna. If only he knew what really happened between his daughters, he wouldn't let Luna suffer.

"Then take all your money and put it in your ass, you asshole!" Luna exclaimed. She'd long forgotten that she still had a father. He never treated her or her mother right in the first place. Who did he think he was to treat her like trash?

Luna cursed the whole Jiang family in her heart. She'd tried her best not to nurture ha

have time. The doctor said that they have to operate on him as soon as possible …"

Luna bit her lower lip. She had no time to waste and must decide soon. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then remembered Hero's proposal after he dropped her off at Jiang's Estate. She still couldn't understand why this man was still pursuing her. Hadn't she made it clear that she wasn't interested?

'Be my woman, and you will get everything you want.'

His words sounded like devil's word whispered to her ear. Luna opened her eyes and looked back at her half-sister who was obviously waiting for her to come up with her decision. Both offers could save her brother, but who was the lesser evil between the two?

Could she really sell herself to the man who deflowered her? Or will she choose to agree to Sienna's terms?

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