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   Chapter 29 Accident

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4055

Updated: 2018-12-27 22:44

Luna rolled on her side, trying to figure out where she was and what happened. Then it dawned to her that she met Little Amber earlier. She suddenly jolted up and was surprised to see Hero sitting on a chair beside the bed, looking at her with amusement in his eyes. She glanced on her side and saw the little girl already woke up and playing with her doll.

As soon as Amber saw her awake, she crawled at Luna's lap and wound her little arms around Luna's neck. She'd been waiting for Luna to wake up and talk to her.

"What's wrong? Did you sleep well?" Luna asked softly.

Amber nodded but didn't say anything as usual. She gave a confused look on her father before returning her attention to the woman that was holding her. She needed to do her part on the deal she made with her father.

"Your phone keeps on ringing, aren't you going to answer it?" Hero asked with an impassive face.

"Ohh…" He was right, her phone was vibrating and ringing. Checking on it, she saw several messages from her mother. She frowned it was almost seven in the evening and she overslept.

Did something wrong happen to her mother? She dialed her mother's number and was startled when she heard someone crying at the oth

y from a speeding car. Luna, the doctors said he was in a critical situation. What should we do?" she continued to wail in Luna's embrace.

It took a lot of courage for Luna, not to break down and cry for her mother's sake. She felt her strength leaving out her body but she refused to give up. She had to be brave and strong for her family. If something were to happen to her brother, she was afraid that it will leave a big dent on her sanity and her life.

Meanwhile, Hero called his sister to pick up Amber from the hospital before checking the situation about Luna's brother. The authorities hadn't visited Luna's family to document what transpired to her younger brother.

He supposed he should leave and let Luna deal with it but the look on her face made him think that she will not last long.

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