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   Chapter 25 I’m Not Yours to Keep

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3924

Updated: 2018-11-28 23:43

"Now, Miss Jiang. Just don't leave like what you did last time. We have so much to talk about." Hero said in a low voice against her ear. The woman in front of him looked like a scared kitten trapped in a corner. He could see her arms trembling, her back stiff against the wall, her eyes refusing to meet his.

"How about no? I already said that we should forget about it. You already got what you wanted, what else do you want from me?" Luna retorted but still refused his glaring eyes. She could feel his warmth against her body and to be honest it was hard for her to ignore the racing beat of her heart.

"Who said I already got what I want?" The difference in his voice made Luna lift her eyes back on him. There was something different on his eyes like he was trying to see beyond her eyes, trying to seek her soul.

"Then what do you want?" Luna tried to stay calm. She couldn't allow him to intimidate her. "You want to sleep with me again? That will never happen. Whatever happened between us that night is the biggest mistake of my life."

A stunned silence descended between them. Hero's eyes narrowed with frozen ice, effectively masking his reaction. Luna

im like this, Luna realized how tall and manly he was. His every move was precise and domineering like a king.

"Remember this Luna Jiang. You can try to run or hide, but you never deny that there's something going on between us. It will be just a matter of time and you will come back running to me."

Luna wanted to say something and to argue about what he'd said but she couldn't find it in herself to correct him. As he left her alone in the hallway, Luna felt empty and disturbed. Why did it hurt seeing him walking away from her?

'Relax, Luna. Breathe." Luna told herself. "It would be impossible to cross his path the next time."

If only she knew that she was already trapped by the series of misfortune and there would be no safe haven for her except in his arms.

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