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   Chapter 13 A Chicken Can Never Become a Phoenix

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4156

Updated: 2018-11-20 12:47

"You came, " the woman greeted Luna with a mocking grin.

Luna raised a brow but didn't say anything and sat across the woman. She kept her fists beneath the table to hide her irritation to her half-sister. Her usual calm attitude replaced with an antagonistic demeanor.

"You look surprised. Didn't I tell you we have to talk before?" Sienna Jiang smiled. Dressed in a tight white dress, she looked graceful and sophisticated. Looking at the two half-sisters, no one will probably guess they were related.

For some reason, Luna disliked this person. While they share the same father, they grew up in a different environment. Sienna was pampered and spoiled by their father, while Luna grew up striving to prove herself.

When Elaine Ye, Luna's mother met Stephen Jiang, he'd tricked her and made her believe that he was a bachelor that has to travel on different places due to his work. A commoner that grew up on the outskirts of the faraway town in Province A, Elaine hadn't heard or knew about the Jiang family and its members.

Although she wasn't comparable to the drop-dead gorgeous women City E has to offer, her beauty was enough to get the attention of heir of the Jiang family. She was smart but oblivious about the identity

on beside her and push it towards Luna. Luna eyed it before taking it from the table. Her eyes quickly scan the contents of the documents within. Sienna gave her enough time to read it and waited patiently to finish it.

After a long silence between the two, Luna burst into laughter.

"Sienna Jiang, do you take me as a fool?" Luna smirked and threw back the folder to her half-sister.

"Sienna Jiang, Vice President of Marketing of the Jiang Corporation, Big Miss of the Jiang family, is afraid of the commoner Luna Jiang?"

Sienna's face turned red. She'd never been humiliated like this in her life and she didn't expect that Luna will talk back to her.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Luna stared back on her sister.

"Sienna, a chicken can never become a phoenix. You should stop pretending to be one."

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