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   Chapter 11 Illegitimate Child

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4108

Updated: 2018-11-18 13:25

Luna was busy checking the supplies she brought with her when she noticed that she arrived on the floor where her mother was confined. She brought her mother's favorite steamed buns and her brother's favorite cola.

"Mom, I'm sorry I'm late. You must be hungry. I brought your favorites today." Luna smiled.

Elaine Ye gazed at her eldest child. She knew Luna had been too busy lately trying to meet up deadlines at work while worrying about her health. The guilt kept coming back to her whenever she sees Luna's tired face.

She felt like she was the biggest burden on her daughter's life. If it wasn't for her, Luna might have accepted the scholarship she received to study abroad three years ago.

"It's okay, Luna. Don't worry too much about me, okay? I would hate it if you force yourself to your limit." she replied.

Luna pulled a chair and sat beside her mother's bed and started peeling off an apple from the basket she brought with her.

"Everything will be okay, mom. The only thing you should do right now is to recover so we can go home." Luna didn't have the courage to admit to her mother that she will be homeless soon. Maybe she could move back on her mother's place if she really couldn't afford to pay

. If only she could provide more for her family, her brother wouldn't be forced to work to help her.

"Luna? Luna?"

Luna was brought back to reality when she heard her mother calling her name.

"What is it, mom?"

Elaine gave her a worried look before pointing a finger on her daughter's bag.

"You aren't listening. I said your phone keeps ringing."


A blush was threatening to spread on her cheeks but Luna moved quickly to hide her embarrassment. She took her phone from her handbag and let her mother know she will be just outside. Checking on her phone, she saw twelve missed calls from her friend Corinne. When her phone rang again, she answered it immediately.

"Corinne, what's up?"

"Luna, where are you? Struck on a traffic jam again? Jasper and Aiko will be leaving in an hour."

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