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   Chapter 9 Temptation

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3776

Updated: 2018-11-17 22:16

"At least you hadn't slept with him." Hero was quite pleased with the fact that he'd been her first and she had never been touched by another man.

Luna gaped at him. How could he say something like that? He made her blood boil in anger. How dare he make fun of her?

"Yes, yes. Compare to Jasper, you are too arrogant, mister." she huffed. What's with this man? He really knows how to push the wrong buttons to irritate her.

"Oh, that isn't the first time someone called me that, darling." Hero grinned. "But I will deeply appreciate it if you scream my name while I'm inside of you."

"That's a mistake! It will never happen again!" Luna growled. She was really pissed off right now with this man. Couldn't he just leave her be? He'd already taken what he wanted from her.

"Now, now. We both know that isn't true." Hero saw through her. She couldn't lie to him. He knew that there was an attraction between them. Her own body betraying her.

But Luna rolled her eyes. She refused to become someone's toy. A man like him will surely bring her to her own demise. Look what happened to her mother, seduced and left with

see them at this state. "Let me know your name. Mine is —"

"Don't, " Luna turned around to face him and held up her hand. "Don't say it. Let's just pretend that we didn't meet and nothing happened between us."

She'd never met someone like him in her life. Truth to be told, she couldn't deny that he was the most handsome man she met in her entire life. But then, Luna knew this man has the ability to intrigue her, to tempt her and she shouldn't succumb on his advancements. She forced herself to step back and leave.

Hero didn't stop her but his eyes glimmer with amusement. She could run away from him right now, but she will eventually come back to him whether she likes it or not. She was his and very soon… soon… he will have her again.

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