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   Chapter 8 Mistaken

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 4184

Updated: 2018-11-17 19:26

When she was done taking a bath and fixing herself, she went out of the bathroom and saw the handsome stranger sitting at the edge of the bed, staring out of the ceiling to floor window while puffing a cigarette. Fortunately, he decided to put something to cover his arousal with his black trousers but his upper torso was bare with clearly defined muscles spelled strength and stamina.

So manly and erotic that made Luna forced herself to look away but failed.

He seemed deep in his thoughts that he didn't even notice that she was staring at him.

Luna struggled to even out her breathlessness as she looked at this man who she knew now so intimately.

She cleared her throat, intending to get his attention.

"I have to go…"

"You think you can just leave me like that?" Hero asked without turning his head on her direction.

Luna frowned. What did he mean by that? She should be the one complaining to him right now. Didn't he admit that he was aware while she was drunk when they did the deed? Remembering their discussion before she answered him.

"I cannot be your woman. I'm already taken." Luna didn't like the way it sounds. It was like she was trying to convince herself that Jasper will still accept her after all.


y met his scrutinizing eyes. She kept her mental chant that she wouldn't fall on his charm.

"I told you, I'm not yet done with you, woman."

Her eyebrows shot upwards. Was he really serious?

"I can't believe you mistook me for him, " Hero started. "He's at least six inches shorter than I am. His body couldn't even be compared to mine." He was annoyed. It was one thing that he couldn't accept.

That sounds very narcissistic but Luna couldn't find in herself to disagree. Jasper and this handsome man were poles apart. Aside from the physical differences, this man was demanding and cold while her boyfriend was warm and understanding.

"You were lying on the bed. How am I supposed to know you aren't him?" she said through gritted teeth.

Hero chuckled. This woman surely is something he'd never encountered before.

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