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   Chapter 6 Luna Escaped

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3728

Updated: 2018-11-17 11:34

"Don't go. Please. I beg you not to open it." Luna seized his arm, and her eyes kept on shedding uncontrollable tears. She knew what would happen once Jasper and Aiko found her. The dignity left in her and her reputation would be ruined.

Hero stared at her face, wondering why he'd let himself get affected by this woman's emotions. He couldn't comprehend this woman at all.

Couldn't she recognize his identity by now? Couldn't she tell that he was her boss, and no one would dare to offend her when he's around?

He left her in the bathroom and went back to the bedroom to look around. His eyes landed on the pile of clothes at the end of his bed, which was probably hers, considering that he never wore such colors to begin with.

Who else would wear a bright pink dress and a white coat except her?

Another knock was heard on his door, taking his attention away from the clothes in his hand. Whoever waiting for him to open it surely wanted to humiliate Luna. Sauntering back to where he left his woman, he left her clothes at the counter as he heard the shower on.

Meanwhile …

"Stop it, Aiko. It

loomy as he looked down at the woman who dared to humiliate Luna. Women could be dangerous and poisonous. A man who couldn't differentiate a good woman from a bad one could easily be manipulated. And at this moment, he wasn't happy with this conniving bitch.

The hotel staff trembled at Hero's words. The moment the door opened, he knew he was in big trouble. Curse this woman for forcing him to offend one of their VIP patrons. One of his subordinates came running to him and whispered something to his ears, which instantly wiped the color off of his face.

"Miss Chen … Miss Jiang was seen taking a cab last night. She was assisted by one of our valets."

"What?!" Aiko exclaimed. Luna was able to see through her plans and escaped?

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