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   Chapter 5 No One Can Bully His Woman

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3962

Updated: 2018-11-01 22:50

The horror in Luna's face couldn't be denied. Her eyes widened and her jaws dropped when she heard the familiar voices outside the room. She knew that she was doomed and couldn't escape this problem anymore.

Why did Aiko bring Jasper with her? What was the meaning of this? Did Aiko trick her last night? Aiko should have known that this room wasn't Jasper's room. Could it be that her friend knew about it all along?

Now that she was free from the influence of the alcohol, Luna's mind started to think of the possibilities why she was trapped in this predicament. Although the voices outside weren't that loud, Luna knew who were waiting for her.

"She must be in this room. We've already searched for her everywhere except this room." Aiko Chen's sharp and clear voice was heard outside the door.

"Miss, we can't really disturb the person inside. He's one of our important guests."

The hotel staff was anxious and afraid to follow the request of Aiko. He knew well that Hero Li, the president of Li Group of Companies was staying in this room. Everyone knew that they couldn't offend him, or else with a flick of his finger, the hotel would be out of business soon.

"Why are you insisting that Luna is here anyway?" Jasper asked. He was aware that this woman was interested in him, but he could care less because he had Luna by his side.

Aiko bit her lower lip. She hoped that Jasper didn't suspect that she was pulling strings against Luna.

"Jasper, I'm just worried about her whereabouts. She hasn't picked up our calls. If I have to search every room to know she's safe, then I will."

Of course, she would. Ah, Aiko was expecting a really good show by now. She wondered how Luna survived the night with another man.

'Come out now, Luna. Show us how shameless you are.' Aiko snickered silently. She then walked towards the door and knocked with a triumphant smile on her face. Both Jasper Mo and the hotel staff were surprised by her action. They

couldn't believe that this woman was insisting the missing Luna Jiang was inside the room.

It was her time to paint Luna as a loose woman.

Inside the room, Luna panicked and pushed away the man who was hovering above her. She pulled the blanket to cover herself and looked around the room. She should hide, or else she would be ruined! Jasper shouldn't see her like this! She could no longer show her face to her boyfriend.

Hero was caught off-guard from the sudden strength this woman used on him. He also heard the loud discussions outside his door and knew that they were talking about his woman.

'So Luna is your name …' Hero mused.

It was clear she was afraid, but he had no idea why. He lied back down on the bed, fully naked without a cover, and gave her a quick glance.

"What is wrong with you?" he asked.

Luna stood up and took the sheets with her. In her panic, she accidentally tripped on the blanket rolled around her. She fell hard with a thud on the carpeted floor. She dearly hoped that none of the people outside heard her.

Hero growled. His mood was clearly ruined now that the people outside had disturbed his time with his new woman. He pulled the robe from the headboard of his bed and covered himself. Seeing that Luna was still hissing in pain on the floor, he quickly scooped her up and brought her to the bathroom.

After he made her sit on the counter, he saw streaks of tears running down her pretty face. He faltered slightly, and his rage rose to another level. Damn, whoever made his woman cry shall face his wrath. No one could bully her as long as she had him.

"Why are you crying?" Hero asked her once again.

Luna sniffed and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. With teary eyes, she stared at his face. There was still a hint of fear and confusion in her bright clear eyes.

"Jasper is waiting outside ..." she whispered to this man who took her innocence. "Please don't open the door, " she begged.

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