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   Chapter 4 To Destroy Luna

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 3845

Updated: 2018-11-01 19:32

"You must be joking …" Luna stared up to the man above her. She tried to pull her hands away, but Hero kept them pinned above her head. He wasn't going to let her escape from him anytime soon.

"Oh, I'm not, darling, " Hero murmured against her neck. Luna gasped and was sure that she was burning red from embarrassment. It seemed that her own body was betraying her. Oh dear lord, how could she possibly forget what happened last night? There was no way that didn't happen. Even in her drunken state, she knew this man made her see stars as she orgasmed so hard in his ministrations.

Her flush deepened, and Hero found himself in need of her again. His dark brown eyes locked into hers, watching her every move and expression. Hero wondered what she would do next. Would she try to run away from him again or surrender herself?

Definitely, he has been without sex for too long because he couldn't contain his desire to be with this woman.

"I cannot." Luna shook her head emphatically. She knew she was the wrong one. If she hadn't drunk way past her limit and decided to find her boyfriend to seduce him, she wouldn't be in this situation.

Cursing herself, Luna looked away as she tried to suppress her embarrassment. She would not succumb to another mistake again. It was already bad enough; her relationship with her boyfriend would surely end this time. All she wanted to do right now was to hide from everyone.

She refused to think how this man made her feel so good, how her body echoed his own desire in passionate lovemaking. No. It wasn't lovemaking. It was just sex between them. There was no love or any feelings between them. She knew she'd been his sex toy last night to quell his urges.

"Do you think you have a choice?" His voice brought her out from her deep thoughts.

Luna was about to retort when they heard a familiar voice outside the room. It was someone Luna could recognize an

ytime. What was Aiko doing in here?

"Miss. You know this isn't right. We can't just check each of these rooms to find your missing friend. Though no one saw her check out last night or this morning, there couldn't be any reason why she would be in one of these rooms."

"No, mister. I'm sure she was here. I gave her a keycard last night when she said she wanted to sleep."

"Aiko, Luna might have called someone to take her home. She isn't someone who likes to make problems for other people."

A man in his late twenties pulled her arm.

'She's my problem! After this, you will surely leave her for good, and I will be the one who will there for you.' Aiko Chen pretended to be concerned about her missing friend, but deep inside, she was sneering and couldn't wait to put Luna to shame.

If it wasn't for Luna, Jasper would have chosen her. Luna took everything from her, and she couldn't waste this opportunity to put Luna in her place. Why did this commoner think that she had the right to date her prince charming? Aiko did her best to befriend this woman so she could find a weakness she could use.

Of course, she knew that Jasper's parents didn't like Luna Jiang, and they were rooting for her to become their daughter-in-law soon. This was the reason why she purposely staged this scene. When she bumped into a man along the dark lobby last night, she switched their key cards that fell on the floor. She then tricked the drunk Luna by giving her the wrong card to sleep with another man.

Now, she was eager to see Luna Jiang on the other side of this door, lying naked with another man that wasn't Jasper Mo. It was impossible for Luna to leave and go home last night. This was the room number that was indicated on the card. There was no mistake that Luna was in this room.

Aiko suppressed a grin that was threatening to show in her face. This was the perfect way to destroy Luna Jiang.

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