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   Chapter 3 You Are Mine Now

Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? By Shi Xinyue Characters: 5219

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Luna bit her lip and tried her best not to cry. She was a fool. There was nothing she could do to undo what she'd done. She had lost her virginity to someone that wasn't even her boyfriend. How the heck didn't she notice that the man she spent the night with wasn't Jasper? Oh, wait, maybe it was because she was too drunk to know what she was doing.

His kisses were demanding as if branding her as his, making her toes curl in pleasure and her thoughts in a blur.

"You don't have to apologize." Hero's voice brought her back to reality. Luna didn't even notice that she was crying already. She gripped the blanket tighter on her chest and silently sobbed. It was all over for her. She didn't have a face to confess what happened to her boyfriend. Surely, Jasper wouldn't understand that this was a mistake.

Not when both of his parents were also not fond of her. Several times, Jasper's parents had tried to force her to break her relationship with him. They both claimed that she wasn't a suitable candidate to be his wife.

Hero watched the poor woman who was completely mortified for what she had claimed a mistake. To be honest, he should be the one saying sorry now because he was himself the other night. His need to be with this woman broke all his logical thoughts, but he couldn't find it in himself to regret it.

It wasn't in his nature to apologize. For Christ's sake, even his employees were afraid of him, but seeing her in tears made him feel uncomfortable. They were still both naked on his huge bed, both trying to figure out what to do next. She thought he was Jasper; the intimacy they shared last night wasn't really for him. She was hot and demanding, and he was the one who had satisfied her needs.

He did a quick look at her knuckles. Hero knew by then, that whatever this woman had on this Jasper haven't reached a permanent claim yet.

Her discomfort bothered him and made him wonder what she had done to him. Hero Li, who was also known as the Demon President, was lowering his pride for a mere employee? It was even humorous that he was considering to comfort her. When did he ever start having sympathy for other people?

"What are you planning to do now?" he asked. He had to know, or else he would have to pursue her. Definitely, he had been too long without a woman that he was now seeking her company for his own needs.

Luna avoided his gaze. This handsome stranger that she shared the night with, who took her virginity, made her heart skip a beat. Her cheeks burned red in embarrassment. His cold voice that slipped from his lips, that gorgeous small s

mile that made her breath hitched. He was so handsome with that fair skin, those dark brown eyes that seemed to look through her soul, and those soft tresses that reached up to his waist.

Luna thought that this stranger would put any woman's hair to shame. His defined muscles and well-toned body screamed that he was a better specimen than Jasper. He was definitely not her boyfriend. Jasper would look inferior beside this man's domineering presence.

When she pulled the sheets closer to her body, it completely revealed what he was hiding beneath it. Luna squeaked in shame for what she had done. Well, this handsome stranger is quite ... big.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. This shouldn't have happened, " she said again while trying to ignore the fact that the man was ready for another round with her. Man, he was aroused, and Luna tried her best not to succumb to her desire to be with him once more. He was damn too hot, and she couldn't deny that she was somewhat attracted to him.

"I'm not."

Hero noticed the red stain on the bed sheet. So he was her first then? The thought somehow thrilled him. She was so pure, so innocent, and he was the one who was able to have her.


Luna couldn't believe what she just heard. This man didn't care that she seduced him? What if he got a wife? The thought made Luna hate herself more. It was impossible for such a man not to have a woman on his side.

Hero sat up at the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through his dark locks.

"You didn't mean to do it. You didn't do anything I didn't want you to in the first place."

That made Luna stopped crying for a second and thought about what he'd said.

"But still … I seduced you. You weren't aware when I barged into your room and started to harass you."

Well, that was embarrassing. Being drunk and barging in a room she thought that was her boyfriend's and made love with a total stranger.

"Yeah, but it wasn't like I said no to your assaults. I could have stopped you if I wanted to."

"But still …"

"Relax, I'm single, and you are …" Hero's eyes lidded. After what happened between them, he was sure this woman would have to leave her boyfriend for good.

"It wasn't supposed to happen. Can we just forget it? Let's pretend this had never happened."

Luna moved away and was about to stand up when her arm was pulled from behind. She found herself pinned beneath this handsome stranger who was grinning at her like a Cheshire cat.

"Too late, woman. You are mine now. You should take responsibility for being selfish and seducing me on my own bed."

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