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   Chapter 44 Brother's Conflict

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Updated: 2018-09-28 22:47

After the wedding and baptismal of the twins, Jillian and Willie returned to Malvey City. They were both blooming and looked so happy. Jillian was in charge of taking care of the twins and her husband while Willie began working again in his company.

Willie went home in the Harvard Mansion after he bought a villa for his own family. He wanted to surprise Jillian about it.

" Honey, did you forget something?" Jillian asked him when he arrived. She was playing with the twins in the living room.

" My love, I want you to come with me." Willie grabbed her hand with a smile on his face.

Looking puzzled, Jillian asked Alicia to watch over the twins for her. She left the house with her husband. Willie drove his car with his wife beside him. He looked so happy and gay.

" What's wrong with you, Honey? You're acting really weird today." Jillian blurted out what's on her mind.

" Nothing's wrong, my love. I'm just so excited. I have a surprise for you, my love!" Willie was smiling while he was driving.

When Willie stopped the car, he got off and took out his handkerchief, blind folding it into his wife's eyes.

" Willie? You're freaking me out, honey." Jillian said as she was dragged out of the car by her husband.

Willie carefully led her infront of a big house. A villa to be exact.

He took off the handkerchief from her eyes.

" Surprise!" Willie shouted.

When Jillian opened her eyes, she was speechless. She was looking at a villa which she had dreamt to have when she will have her own family. She covered her mouth as she was indeed surprised.

" Honey, you bought this villa?" Jillian asked with astonishment.

" Yes, my love! I bought this for our own family. Do you like it?" He asked with a wide smile on his face.

" Honey, I love it!" Jillian kissed Willie hard.

" Let's go inside!" Willie said and embraced her lovingly. He took the key from his pocket and opened the door for them to enter. The house was already fully furnished. All her ideal furniture and design of the inside of the house was exactly the same as she had imagined it would be.

" When can we move here, honey? This is a

id after hurting her.

" Brother! Listen! Please!" Theo pleaded and he pitied Jillian for what Willie did to her.

" I'm not listening to you! Not now and not ever!" Willie firmly argued with Theo.

" You said you love Jillian. Then why can't you trust her? Is your love for her had a limit? You even hurt her just now! Is that what you call love?" Theo tried to enlighten Willie's mind.

Theo's words struck Willie, he turned his face towards Jillian and saw the red mark of a hand on her face. However, Jillian had already made up her mind when she planned to punched her husband.

Jillian's face was expressionless. She was like a doll with no life at all.

After a few minutes, Willie realised his fault. His face turned unhappy. He tried to approached his wife who was emotionless but his heart was like being pierced out from him. He looked at her with full of regrets.

He wanted to ease the pain that he has caused her. The pain that Jillian felt was a double pain for Willie. For the first time, he had turned into an evil person which Jillian's dislike the most. He clenched his fists and headed to his room.

Theo regretted what she did to Jillian. It's all his fault. If only he tried to pursue on explaining everything to Willie, this would not have happened. I'm not worthy of Jillian at all. I'm so sorry, Jillian. Theo thought as he looked at Jillian who was strangely behaving like she was lost.

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