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   Chapter 43 The Grand wedding and baptismal of the twins

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Updated: 2018-09-28 20:18

After Jillian's full recovery, they confronted Jillian's parents. They were all in the living room, sitting on the couch while the twins were crawling on the floor playing with their toys.

" Mom, we'd like to ask your blessings. We planned to have our second wedding and we want you to be there with us. I want to hold the wedding and the baptismal of our twins at the same time." Willie stared at Jillian's parents.

" Willie, I'm so happy that you were our son in law and we are giving you our blessings. I'm excited to see my beautiful daughter in her wedding dress. " Sylvia said with a glimpse of excitement on her eyes.

" Please take care of her and my cute and adorable grandchildren. " George said glancing at the twins on the floor.

Willie smiled happily and held Jillian's hand gently. " Thank you, Dad...Mom! I promise to love and protect her until the end of time."

Hearing those overwhelming words from Willie, Jillian leaned on him with a smile on her face.

She was so blessed that the man who stole her heart was the man she married and the father of her twins.

" Mom...Dad... I hope we could stay here for a little bit longer but we need to go back to Malvey City. I have to settle my businesses there and prepare for our wedding and the baptismal of our twins. " Willie said to them.

" Okay, son! When do you plan to go back to Malvey City?" George asked looking upset.

" Apparently, today. That's why I ask both of you to spare some time with us to discuss some important matters regarding my wife and my twins." Willie was in a good mood.

" Okay then! When do you plan to do your wedding and baptismal, my son?" George asked.

" The earlier, the better, Dad. Two weeks from now would be nice. Would you like that, my love?" Willie asked glancing at his wife beside him.

" It's fine with me! I think Mom had already made plans from my future wedding I suppose. " Jillian answered gazing at her mother.

Feeling a little bit embarrassed, Sylvia smiled with little confidence. " I did had plans for your future wedding dear but that would be inappropriate for Willie. The wedding that I planned a long time ago was meant for you and know." Sylvia smiled feeling awkward.

" It's okay, Mom! Willie understands. Right, honey?" Jillian looked up to face her husband.

" If it will make you happy, it's okay with me." Willie answered pinching the tip of her nose.

" Then, you have

es together.

" Congratulation to both of you!" Willie teased Mike.

Mike felt awkward because he wanted Aya to be his pair. Unfortunately, Aya was no longer a single lady while Monica felt the same too because her heart was stolen by Willie. But Willie is happily married to Jillian.

How bizarre?! Monica thought. She pretended to be happy infront of Willie and Jillian.

" Congratulations!" Jillian said to them.

After the four of them had been taken for picture taking, everyone cheered and requested a kiss from the two pairs. They teased Mike and Monica when Mike placed the lace in her legs as Monica was sitting on a chair infront of him.

Not long after, Willie took Arielle in his arms and Jillian carried Ariel in her arms. They took a family picture together. Then the God parents of the twins surrounded the newly wed and gave their presents to the newly baptised babies.

The event was long and tiresome. Willie was so exhausted when they arrived at the hotel room after their wedding and the baptismal of their twins. Jillian was wearing and fell down on the bed with her wedding dress still on her. The two however were taken by Laura and William when they headed back to Malvey City and left them behind for their wedding night.

" Are you happy, my love?" Willie stroke Jillian's bare back, teasing her.

Jillian smiled and turned around to face him." I'm very happy. Thank you, Honey!" Jillian said and kissed him passionately. The kiss lasted long and Willie began to explore her body with his hands. They made love the whole night and they fell asleep soundly, embracing each other.

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