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   Chapter 27 Please let me hold you

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10297

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After giving her final words to Willie, Jillian felt empty for the past few days. She got no calls nor text coming from him. He sent flowers but that's it. There's no more to it.

Now, she felt like regretting from pushing him away from her. She scanned her fb and saw a post regarding Willie's great performance as a new CEO. She smiled when she looked at his picture but were also puzzled on who was the woman next to him that was clinging on to his arms sweetly. A little jealousy burst out from her heart. She scrolled and tap the news feed about it and saw other sweet poses of the two together.

Then, Jillian heard her phone rang. She took her phone and looked at the screen. It was Aya who was calling her in broad daylight. Luckily, she was not in charge of the morning exercise today. She shifted work with Winston for this day. She was lying down on her bed and was thinking hard about Willie.

" Hey, girl! How are you doing?" Aya asked when Jillian answered the phone.

" I'm fine. To be honest, I feel so lonely." Jillian admitted her true feelings.

" Is this about you and my brother? Girl, why don't you give him a chance? I'm not encouraging you to pursue him because his my brother but because I know you are happy being together. Jillian, don't you miss him." Aya gave her advise to her dear friend.

" I do miss him but the thing is, I'm scared to love him. Not because he is your brother or anything, its just that, he has been holding my heart ever since he and I met. Trusting him is not so easy especially in my case that I lack time for him." Jillian began to open up her heart to her friend. She knew that she could entrust her thoughts to her.

"I get what you mean. But my brother really loves you, Jillian. He cares a lot about you. He's been working double time. Wait! No! That's triple times everyday to show his efficiency and passion to his work. His doing this for your future together. He also told me that you are his inspiration and life." Aya said with honesty and pity for Jillian and her brother. " I suggest you go and see him. It will enlighten the mood between the two of you."

" I don't know, Aya! I'm brave when it comes to physical fighting but emotionally weak when it comes to my heart. Right now, I think I'm having what you call love sick." Jillian felt sad. He twisted and turn every time on her bed.

" Cheez.....Get up and go see him already, girl! Move, move, move! "Aya encouraged her.

When Jillian heard how supportive her friend is for her, she finally smiled and took the initiative to go get dress up to visit her man.

" Okay! I'm going! Thanks for boosting me up, girl! I owe you one!" Jillian said and hung up the phone without waiting for any further response from her friend.

On the Harvard Mansion, Aya heard the phone dropped when Jillian had resolved her situation. She smiled and put her arms around her husband's neck.

" How did it go, my queen? Did your plan work?" Charles asked and wrapped his arms around her body.

" Well, I did manage to boost her spirit a bit and she's goi

e fb post because of her panic. She pushed him away again. What will happen between them now? She thought.

Upon arriving at the academy, she parked her car and went directly to her room. She changed into her uniform and prepared herself for the afternoon training. She was walking on the hallway when someone grabbed her hand with force. She quickly acted and twisted herself, turning the force into her own. She slide her hand that was being held and used her fit swirled it on the floor, hitting the person's feet.

The man fell down to the ground instantly. Jillian looked at the man in uniform. She was bewildered of his personality. He was new here. That's a fact.

" Who are you, soldier?" She asked with a autocratic tone of voice.

The man feeling pain, smiled at her showing his white pearly teeth. He had a captivating smile like Willie. He was touching his butt which was hurt badly after his fall.

" Sorry, Miss! I thought your one of the trainees here. You're so beautiful that I thought I could make friends with. " He said.

" You're not answering my question, soldier! What's your name?" Jillian was determined to hit this man infront of her again if he made another wrong move.

" I'm Sergeant Alexander Prestly from the Division office, Miss." The man said and was standing straight with pride infront of her.

" Sergeant? I see!" Jillian smirked.

Winston and Richard saw Jillian talking to a man in uniform on the hallway, they sensed troubled and they rushed towards her.

" Jillian, what's wrong?" They said at the same time when they were near her.

Looking at their worried faces, Jillian smiled at them sarcastically. " We have a new man here! Can you take care of him for me?" She asked. She was irritated being with them.

" Sure!" They agreed.

Before leaving, Jillian glared at the new man and said: " Behave yourself next time, Sergeant. I'm looking forward to work with you. Welcome!"

The three men left puzzled by Jillian's words. It was so deep that they were all left thinking on it.

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