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   Chapter 26 Chasing my love

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After running away last night at Willie's party, Jillian felt sorry for herself. She was tricked by the man she first loved. She strictly instructed everyone in the academy not to allow Willie Harvard to come inside the academy.

Early morning, Willie went to the military academy. The guards on military uniform forbid him to enter.

" Hey! I said let me thru! I need to speak to Jillian." Willie protested infront of the guards.

"Sorry, Sir but you can't enter. It has been strictly instructed to us not to allow you to enter the academy." The senior guard officer said to him.

"But why? Who instructed you?" Willie asked furiously.

"The chief commander himself. It was requested from him, Sir, by Commander Jillian. " The senior guard officer replied.

"What?! Let me thru! Please!" Willie was in desperate mood.

"Just go away, Sir, please! We don't want to use force on you. " The senior guard officer pleaded and gave him a warning at the same time.

When Robert, his personal secretary, heard their warnings, he tried to stop Willie from causing trouble. "Sir, let's go!"

"No! I want to speak to her. I want to see her." Willie shouted in protest.

"Sir, we can't do anything. Unless, you ask from your father's assistance." Robert whispered into his ears secretly.

When Willie heard his proposal, he looked at him straight to his eyes. "Call my father at once!" Willie's eyes narrowed.

Upon hearing his demand, Robert took his phone from his pocket and called William Harvard. When his phone was answered by William, he handed the phone to Willie.

Willie took the phone with force. "Father, please I need your help?"

"What kind of help, my son?" His father asked curiously.

"I've been forbidden to enter the military academy where Jillian works. I need to speak to her. I need to see her, father. Please help me. I'll do anything you wish in exchange for the favor I'm asking from you." Willie said desperately.

"Okay, Son! Just wait for a minute." His father hung up the phone.

After a minute of waiting, the guards received a radio call from their supervisor and were instructed to let Willie enter the academy without question asked. It was an order from the chief commander himself.

"Sir, you can go now!" The senior guard officer said and looked so confused. They opened the gate for them to enter. Willie went back inside his car with Robert and they headed towards the main building of the academy.

When the car stopped infront of the building, he got off the car immediately. He rushed to Jillian's office.

"Jillian!" Willie called out her name when he saw her on her desk.

When Jillian heard someone called out her name, she raised her head and looked at the entrance door. "Willie? How....." She was shocked and confused when she saw him standing on the door.

"Jillian, lets talk please?"

her man again and longingness at the same time.

"Willie, what are you doing here? How did you get thru the guards?" She asked curiously.

Jillian was sure that the Chief Commander issued a command to all the staff and men in the academy. The instruction was to forbid Willie from entering the military academy. She herself was the one who gave the request letter signed by the Chief Commander. So, how? How did he do it? She thought as she looked at him.

"I have my connections. I'm sorry but I can't take it any longer. I missed you so much, Jillian!" Willie looked at her with so much affection.

"We had a deal, didn't we?" Jillian pretended to be stubborn.

"Yes! But knowing that there's other person who wanted you so badly, I'm not giving up on you that easily." Willie proclaimed.

Hearing his statement, Jillian shook her head in disbelief. Willie however speed up his walk towards her.

"Jillian, what can I do for you to forgive me?" Willie got near her without their notice.

"I told you to give me some more time to be alone, right?" Jillian deepened her voice. There's a warning tone from it.

"Yes! But my mind is going crazy not seeing you nor touching you for a long time, Jillian. " Willie explained his feelings.

"Okay! I'll give you my decision after finishing my 6 months period of service here in the academy. Then we'll talk it out." Jillian gave her final words to him. Richard was confused on why he kept himself unnoticed by them.

"But..."Willie hadn't finish his words when he heard Jillian's shattering voice.

"Are you up to it or not?" She said with determination.

"Fine! But I won't stop chasing my love. You're the only one for me, Jillian." Willie looked determined from pursuing her.

"Whatever! You are all the same! " She felt irritated.

Jillian walked away from them without glancing both men. They were both in despair with her words.

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