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   Chapter 25 Unexpected Break up

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10026

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After settling their family issues, Willie and Laura moved in to the Harvard Mansion.

"My love, would you mind living with us too?" Willie asked Jillian.

Jillian shook her head and pinched his cheek. "Nope! I'm going back to my old apartment now."

"Aren't you going to feel lonely?" He asked and embraced her tightly.

"Well, I guess I'll feel a little bit lonely but I know I'll cope up with it somehow. Besides, you're going to be visit me when you have time, right?" Jillian was confident.

"Yes of course, my love!" Willie lowered his head and kissed Jillian's lips passionately.

After a month, Jillian recovered from her injury and went back to service. She trained the military troops again.

"Welcome back, Jillian!" Richard and Winston said to her at the same time. They were standing and staring at her with smiles on their faces.

"Thank you!" Jillian said to them.

"Welcome back, commander!" The troops said to her in chorus.

"Thank you! Now, let's proceed with the training." She said and everyone alerted themselves.

At lunch time, Jillian received a phone call from Willie. Apparently, she ate minimum amount of food again and she gave her untouched leftovers to Richard. She was sitting under a tree to relax her mind and body from the morning exercise.

"My love, why didn't you tell me that you went back to the military academy?" Willie was upset.

"Sorry, Wil. I was about to tell you but I forgot It yesterday. " Jillian explained.

"Don't stick too much with the boys especially Richard and Winston, my love. Please?" Willie began to feel lonely for not seeing her since he lived at the Mansion. He even forgot that he planned to use Jillian for his revenge and his hatred was changed into love once more.

"Jealous fiancè!" Jillian giggled by Willie's sense of warning to her.

"I'm so in love with you, my love. That's why I got so jealous when you are with another man." Willie spoke gently to her.

"Yeah! I know." Jillian smiled. She loved hearing Willie's jealousy over her.

Time flies so fast. It has been three months since Jillian came back to the military academy. She got a phone call from Theo at late afternoon.

"Jillian, my little girl! How are you?" Theo cheerfully greeted her.

"I'm fine! Why did you call suddenly, Theo?" She asked curiously.

"It's Willie's birthday today. So, we made a surprise party for him and we want to celebrate his appointment as the new CEO of our hotel and restaurant business companies." Theo answered.

"I see! What time is the celebration?" Jillian asked promptly.

"Around 9 pm. I'll come pick you up at the academy. " Theo insisted.

"Okay!" Jillian agreed.

"See you later, my little girl. Bye!" Theo said.

"Bye!" Jillian said to him before she hung up the phone.

While looking at her laptop, Jillian smiled on the thought of seeing his man again and being with him on his birthday. She remembered the dress that Willie bought on her birthday. She stood up from her

er in his arms. After they danced, Jillian felt thirsty.

" I'm thirsty and a little bit tired of dancing, Wil." Jillian said in a soft voice.

When Willie heard her complain, he led her to her chair.

" Stay here! I'll go get some juice for you, my love ." Willie said and left her sitting on the chair.

"I'm so envious of you, man!" Frank teased him when they got close to each other. They were both fetching something to drink. "Tell me, what's your next plan? Are you going to break up with Jillian now?

Willie glared at him. "Who told you that I'll break up with her?"

"You told me that you are only using her to take revenge right?" Frank said it out loud.

Apparently, Jillian couldn't wait any longer for her drink. Therefore, she followed Willie and when she got close to him, she overheard their conversation. She frowned and looked at Willie with an angry face. "Willie, is it true?"

Willie was shocked when suddenly he heard Jillian's voice near them. "Jillian?!" He called out her name anxiously.

"How could you?" Jillian's face was turning red with so much anger.

Willie got confused for a moment and then he tried to get near her. "Jillian, let me explain please?" He pleaded as he held her shoulders.

"No!" Jillian protested. She forcibly took off his hands on her shoulders.

"Jillian?" Willie called out her name in a pleading voice and tried to touch her again.

"Don't touch me!" Jillian said it out loud and rushed her way out of the room. She noticed that Willie followed her. "Stop following me either!"

"Jillian, I'm sorry!" Willie grabbed her hand and pulled her to his body.

"I'm sorry too but we're done." Jillian was on the verge of her anger and pushed him away.

"Huh?! Willie was more shocked when he heard Jillian's words. " No! Wait!" He protested.

Unfortunately, Jillian was crying and ran outside the Mansion. She grabbed a taxi and went back to the military academy. Willie was left behind and was in so much pain.

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