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   Chapter 24 Reconciliation of the Harvard family

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After shopping, they went to take lunch on a fancy restaurant. Lastly, they went to the church to pray in the late afternoon. They sat down on the wooden chair glancing at each other.

" Tell me, my love! What did you pray?" Willie held her hands and looked at her with so much affection.

"I prayed that we can be together for eternity and that you and your family will reconcile. " Jillian answered directly.

Willie was a bit disappointed on her last wish that he's face looked down. "Jillian that's impossible!"

"Why did you say that it's impossible?" Jillian asked in a low tone of voice.

"Because I hate my father and my other siblings." Willie's eyes had so much anguish on it.

"Can you please try to speak to them and settle your misunderstanding to each other?" Jillian pleaded.

"No!" Willie said firmly and his voice was in rage.

"Willie, please?" Jillian continued persuading him.

"I said no!" Willie said it out loud that his voice resonated inside of the church.

"Why don't you want to forgive them for my sake?" Jillian touched his face gently. She felt sad by his stubbornness.

Willie noticed the sudden change mood in her and began to rethink of her proposal. "Okay I'll try but I won't promise anything." He said afterwards.

"That's fine with me. Let's go meet them tomorrow." Jillian cheered up and put a big smile on her face.

When they started to get tired from roaming around, they went back to their apartment and had dinner with Laura. Jillian texted Aya that night saying: " Aya, Willie is willing to meet and talk with your whole family tomorrow. We will be coming in your place tomorrow. Is that possible?"

Aya texted back at her: " Okay! I'll take care about my family and you take care of him."

" Okay!" Jillian replied to her text.

" Thank you so much, Jillian!" Aya texted again.

Next morning.....

Jillian with Willie and Aya with her family met at the Harvard Mansion. Charles was present also to support his wife.

"Willie?" William was surprised to see his son on his own son. He had no idea on what's going on.

"Yes, dear father! Surprise to see me?" He said mocking at his father.

"How?.... Why are you here?" William said in confusion.

"It's my doing, father. I ask Jillian a favor. I wanted to correct my mistake and so with you all." Aya looked at her father seriously.

"What do you mean, Aya?" Her father asked curiously.

"Wil, at first, I really hated you and your mother. But I realised that it was wrong that I judged you and your mother quickly." Aya started to speak infront

After several days, Jillian persuaded Willie on and on each day and succeeded in her goal to reunite the Harvard family. Willie together with Laura and Jillian once again faced the Harvard family in the Harvard Mansion.

" We came here to give you my answer to your proposal, Aya." Willie talked first.

Everyone felt the tension inside the room. They were all attentively anticipating for a positive response from each of them.

" What's your decision then, Brother?" Aya asked eagerly yet tensed on the way they looked at each other.

" I am forgiving you and your whole family for the past but let me clear something, we aren't interested in your financial status. I just want peace of mind and my mother's happiness." Willie feeling anxious said it clearly to them.

Everyone smiled and felt relieved. " Thank you, Brother!" Aya stood up and embraced him tightly.

Charles felt happy for her wife's achievement. She is really amazing! He thought as he looked at his wife.

Laura and the others had a group hug. "We're family now. Let's all start anew and be happy." William said happily.

"Can we call you mom from now on?" Theo asked Laura.

"Of course! I would be honoured." Laura replied, glancing at Theo.

When they sat back to the sofa, Aya stared at her father. "Father, are you happy?"

"Yes, my angel! I'm very happy. Thank you, my angel!" William sat next to Laura and held Laura's hand lovingly.

"My Queen, you did great! I love you! " Charles whispered into Aya's ears.

When Aya heard her husband's words, she glanced at him and said : "I love you, too!"

"We are a complete family now! Welcome to the family Mom, Brother!" Brian looked at them with a great smile on his face.

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