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   Chapter 23 Jillian's birthday

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When Jillian arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door, Laura was shocked when she opened the door. She saw Theodore Harvard standing infront of their apartment with Jillian.

" Mom, I'm sorry if I brought along Theo with me. He was just helping me carry my things." Jillian immediately explained herself.

" It's okay, sweetie! Please come in to my humble home." Laura felt awkward seeing Theo.

Theo wasn't surprised to see Laura because he knew Jillian was staying at their place. He just looked at her in a normal way.

" Thank you for the offer, Ma'am but I have some important errands to do. Maybe someday I'll gladly accept your offer." Theo said to her. Jillian entered the room followed by Theo who was carrying her gifts from her birthday. He put it on the table and turned back towards the door.

" Thank you, Theo!" Jillian said shyly.

" You're always welcome. Take care of yourself, my little girl!" Theo walked away after glancing at her before leaving.

Jillian waved her hand as she saw Theo rode on his car. She closed the door and Laura took Jillian's gifts on her room. Jillian followed her inside her room. Laura noticed the note on the box saying happy birthday Jillian. She looked at Jillian closely.

" It's your birthday today, sweetie?" Laura asked.

"Yes, Mom! Theo and his siblings gave me those gifts. I was surprised that they remembered my birthday. " Jillian explained.

" Well, let's celebrate then. I'll cook something special today." Laura smiled at her. " Does Willie know that it's your birthday today?"

" I guess he doesn't know, Mom. He never asked me when is my birthday. " Jillian said honestly.

" I see. I'll call him and ask if he could come home early for your birthday. How's that?" Laura suggested.

" It's up to you, Mom!" Jillian said hastily.

" I'll leave you on your room now, sweetie. Take a good rest." Laura walked out of Jillian's room and closed the door.

When Laura was in the living room, she took the phone and dialled Willie's number.

Meanwhile, Willie was busy in the bar that night. He was serving a lot of customers today.

" Wow! Today is a busy night for the two of us, man!" Frank exclaimed. He was serving some drinks to the tables in the bar.

" It's a full house today. I'm beat, man! I think I'll take a day off tomorrow if this goes on. My back is aching." Willie reclaimed. He was busy tossing two bottles of wine and poured it into five glasses.

His phone kept on ringing but he couldn't answer because of the situation.

When he had his break time, he heard his phone ringing again and he answered. He saw the caller ID. It was her mother calling him.

" Hello, Mom! What's the problem?" He asked curiously. His mother doesn't usually call him when it's not urgent.

" Son, can you come home early tonight?" Laura asked.

Willie rubbed his forehead." Sorry, Mom! I can't! We are in full house today. Is there a particular reason why you want me to come home early?"

" Son, it's Jillian's birthday today but if you can't come home early, we can just wait for you tonight for the celebration. " Laura suggested.

" Okay, Mom!" Willie agreed and then he turned off his phone. He went back to the counter after his break. It was already dawn when they finished cleaning the bar. He drove his car and went straight to his apartment.

When he arrived, he saw J

to take it off in the dressing room. Then we can pay it afterwards. " Jillian's heart was beating so fast, feeling conscious of Willie's stare on her.

She turned her back to him and was about to head towards the dressing room when a forceful hand grabbed her waist. She startled for a bit and glanced at her back. Willie embraced her tightly from behind. " Don't change! I like you to wear it now, my love." He said smelling her sweet scent.

Jillian smiled and nodded. Willie took his phone and set its camera. He took a picture of them together. Then they went to the counter to pay for the dress. After paying, they headed to a jewellery store. Everyone was astonished by Jillian's attractive look and every ladies giggled looking at Willie as well. They are indeed a perfect match.

" Good morning, Sir, Ma'am! How can I help you!" The receptionist asked as they were looking at the luxurious jewelleries around them.

" I need a couple ring for me and my fiancè, Miss. Do you have any recommendation?" He asked with a smile on his face.

" Infinity ring is exactly what I can recommend you, Sir. It symbolizes eternal love." The receptionist recommended as she took a box with two rings on it.

Willie stared at the ring and it was perfect for them. It was a gold ring with the infinity design.

" We can engrave your name on the ring too, Sir." The receptionist added.

" Okay! I'll buy It!" He said immediately.

" That would be 2.5 million pesos, Sir!" The receptionist said with a great smile on her face. Jillian was shocked by the cost of the ring.

" Wil, are you really going to buy that? It's too expensive. You can buy a company for that amount of money already." Jillian tightened her grip on his arm.

Willie smiled lovingly and kissed her lips without warning. " I am willing to buy anything for my one and only love of my life." He turned over again to the counter and took his atm from his wallet.

Jillian was speechless and couldn't protest anymore. Willie put the ring on her hand on his ring finger. " I love you, Jillian!" He kissed the ring on her hand. " Can you put the ring on my finger, my love?"

"I love you too, Willie!" She put the ring on his finger. Then, their lips shared a breath taking kiss.

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