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   Chapter 22 Willie's Revenge

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9781

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After the incident, Willie's mind was on Aya. He planned to take revenge using Jillian as his bait.

Jillian was given a one month leave because of her injury. She was always in the apartment with Laura.

In Crimson Hotel bar section.....

"Hey, man! How's Miss Lady heroine doing? I heard from the news yesterday that she was gun shot." Frank was polishing the wine glasses as he spoke to Willie.

"She's doing fine now. She's resting at home." Willie answered deliberately. His mind was in out of the space, thinking what to do first with Jillian.

"I see. Tell me, what's bothering you, man. You seemed to be lost in space today." Frank noticed his indifferent mood today.

"I'm just thinking of my revenge." He said subconsciously while standing at the counter.

Frank got curious of what he said. Frank was a his partner and long time best friend. "Revenge to whom?"

"To her and to her friend." Willie sat down calmly on his chair.

"What?! I don't get it. Don't you love Jillian?" Frank was surprised by what he said to him. He almost slipped the wine glass that he was holding. He knew that he was referring to Jillian.

"I'm not in love with her anymore. I used to love her. That's true! But everything changed when I met Aya." Willie sounded like he regretted meeting Jillian.

"Whose this Aya?" Frank asked constantly.

"She's Jillian's best friend. " Willie answered lazily.

Frank grinned at him and patted his shoulder. "So, you're in love with the best friend now? How about letting me court Jillian then?"

"Nope !You've got it wrong. I'm not in love with her best friend because her best friend is my one and only half sister herself." Willie confessed.

When Frank heard his confession, he was more in shock than ever. " No way! You have another sibling aside from Theo and Brian? How come I didn't know? You're too secretive man!" He reclaimed.

"She's the reason I was abandoned with my mother." Willie's eyes became narrow and full of hatred. He clenched his fists remembering the past.

"Let me guess! You want to take revenge, am I right?" Frank had finished polishing the wine glasses and he was placing them on the rack behind them.

"Yes! I'm going to use Jillian as my bait." Willie said without hesitation.

"Man, have mercy on Jillian. She's a nice and wonderful kind of woman. She doesn't deserve to be played by your hands. Where's your heart, man?" Frank tried to persuade him not to use Jillian from taking his revenge.

"Sorry but I've made up my mind already." Willie had already decided firmly.

Frank shook his head in dismay. "Willie what if Jillian finds out that you only used her. She will get hurt, man."

"I don't care anymore!" Willie firmly said his decision to him.

"Whatever, man! I feel sorry for you and Jillian. You two are perfect for each other." Frank said disappointed on his friend.

Meanwhile Jillian was scanning some files o

e with me and you put so much effort into this birthday party." Jillian gazed at them with so much joy on her face.

" We are happy that you like our surprise for you. Now, shall we eat? I'm craving for these foods already." Aya said as she was drooling for the food on her plate that Theo gave her.

" Okay! Let's eat!" They said and they started eating with smiles on their faces.

"So, what's your wish on your birthday, Jillian?" Aya asked eagerly.

" I wish for good health, good fortune and a good relationship with the person I love." Jillian answered directly.

" Wow! I wish all your wishes come true, girl." Aya said with enthusiasm.

" Speaking of love? Are you into a relationship now?" Brian said curiously.

Jillian turned her face towards Brian. " I am! Theo and Aya have met him already."

" Hey! That's unfair!" Brian reclaimed. " Why I'm the only one who haven't met the guy?"

" Why don't you call him to come here, Jillian? That would be nice!" Theo looked at her full of affection.

Jillian bowed her head and sighed. She had a doubt on her mind.

How could I possibly let him be with these guys? Willie hated them especially Aya. Is it okay if he comes? I think it would be fun if he is here with me though. She said to herself silently.

" He's kind of busy so just let him be." Jillian answered and made an alibi. She doesn't want to spoil their reunion on her birthday. " I'll introduce you to him next time." She glanced at Brian.

" Ow! I hope that they will come soon so that I can peel his skin thoroughly. " Brian grinned.

Jillian laughed on his exaggerated declaration to protect her from being heartbroken. " You'll meet him soon! I promise!"

They continued chatting while they were eating.

When they were fully satisfied, they walked out of the room and separated ways when they got into their own cars. However, Jillian was taken by Theo on his car and drove her to Willie's place.

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