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   Chapter 21 Aya meet Willie again

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10797

Updated: 2018-09-10 15:39

In the hospital, Jillian was taken into a private ward. Willie was sitting next to her and frequently kissing her hand and her face. Laura went back home alone to get some clothes for Jillian. Willie was sitting next to Jillian while Jillian was taking a nap.

Suddenly, Willie heard someone knocking on the door. He stood up and went to open the door. When he opened it, he saw Aya standing infront of him.

" Can I come in? I'm Jillian's best friend." Aya introduced herself to him. She gave him a sweet smile.

"Sure! Come in!" Willie gave way to her so that she can enter the room.

Aya was holding a basket of fruits as a gift to her dear friend. She entered the room quietly.

She sat down on a chair near to Jillian and placing the basket on the side table. She looked at her lovingly. She took Jillian's hand carefully.

Jillian smelled a sweet scent of cherry blossom. She recognised the smell and the only person whom she knew could have that scent was Aya. She opened her eyes slowly and confirmed that Aya was beside her.

" Hi, there!" Aya said in a soft voice.

Jillian smiled at her. " Aya!" She called her by her name.

" Yes! Why did you do that? Why do you have to risk your life for someone else? You're not a super hero, you know? You're only a human with no power at all." Aya's voice was firm and provocative.

Willie was standing and observing the two of them. He kept a distance to give them some privacy.

Jillian just laughed at her nagging. "Is that how you greet a friend whose injured?" She mocked.

Aya calmed herself and took a deep breath. " I got worried of you, silly!"

"Thanks but I'm fine now." Jillian comforted her. She held her hand that was on her other hand. "Aya, what are you doing here anyway?"

"I came to see you, silly. I saw the news on TV and came here as fast as I could." Aya answered with a concern look on her face.

"So you came here just to see me? Now that you have seen me, you can go home." Jillian joked in her.

" You're rude!" Aya pouted her lips in dismay.

" Hey, I'm just kidding. You look so serious, girl. I can't helped it when you're like that." Jillian explained to her.

"By the way, whose the handsome man here with you?" Aya asked and glanced at Willie's direction.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Aya meet Willie. Willie Harvard. He's my fiancè." Jillian introduced the two of them to each other.

"Oh, really? It's nice to finally meet you I'm Arrianna Harvard but everyone calls me Aya for short." Aya stared at him with great interest. "Did we see each other before?"

"Yes! In Hawaii to be exact." Willie answered.

"I remember now. The hardworking, charming, bartender, right?" Aya sparked in her mind of their first meeting.

"Yes! That's me!" Willie exclaimed.

While they were talking, another person came inside the room. It was Laura.

Laura was shocked when she saw Aya. Fate has taken its course. Aya finally met Willie face to face. She looked flustered at the moment and couldn't move herself. She can't even looked at Aya.

Jillian noticed Laura who just entered the room and was standing at the door.

"Mom, this is Aya. Aya meet Laura Mariz Valdez, Willie's mother." Jillian introduced Laura to her.

ant to drink?" Laura gave her a fake smile.

" I'll have the Apple juice can, mom." She answered.

Laura gave her the juice and she put the other drinks on the small fridge near the corner of the room. Jillian was a keen observer and she knew that Laura was hiding something from her. She tried to open the lid but due to her injury, she felt hopeless. Willie took the can from her hand and opened it for her. He gave it to her afterwards.

" Thank you!" Jillian said in a soft voice.

"You're welcome, my love!" Willie said in a gentle voice.

He pretended to be caring and sweet like he used to be to Jillian. Whenever he looked at her, his heart softened but the hatred overruled again. Jillian felt something was wrong with Willie. She continued observing her without being noticed.

When Willie went to his work the next morning, Laura and Jillian had a serious talk about Aya.

"Mom, are you okay?" Jillian asked noticing Laura silently staring at her.

"I'm fine, sweetie!" Laura lied because the thought if Aya kept bugging her.

"You're not on yourself, mom. What's wrong tell me?" Jillian reprimanded.

"Aya Harvard! Did she instruct you to investigate on us?" Laura bravely asked her.

Jillian bowed her head before looking at Laura face to face. "I guess, it's about time I tell you the truth, mom."

"I'm listening and I promise I won't get mad at you. I just want you to trust and be honest with me. That's all!" Laura said honestly.

Jillian cleared her throat and began to explain her side. " Aya requested me to investigate Willie when they met in Hawaii. I took the case without hesitation because she was like a sister to me. But I never imagined that I'll fall for him. I really do love him but I was afraid to tell him the truth."

"I understand. Don't worry. I'll keep this a secret. My son won't know anything about this." Laura became silent again as she sat near her.

"Thank you, mom!" Jillian slightly smiled at her.

However, Jillian began to think of how she will tell Willie the truth. She wanted to commit herself to him fully with no secrets from him. She fell asleep at the thought of it.

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