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   Chapter 20 Jillian got injured

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9948

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When they arrived at the apartment, Laura smiled happily as she opened the door for them. She first saw Jillian standing next to Willie.

" Wow! Jillian sweetie! It's nice to see you again. Come in!" Laura greeted them and gave way for them to enter.

" Sorry if I didn't say where I was going, mom." Jillian said as she hugged Laura before entering the room.

"It's okay sweetie. Willie told me you had been assigned to the military academy for six months. I was a bit sad but Willie was the worst." Laura glanced at her son.

Jillian got curious and said: "What do you mean, mom?"

"He kept on calling your name when we take our breakfast or when he's asleep and he was so lonely without you around in the house. He even packed two lunches before he realised that you were not on your office." Laura smirked at him.

"Mom, you're embarrassing me!" Willie felt shy by his mother's words.

"Oh, son! I'm just telling the truth. There's no harm about it." Laura winked at Jillian.

Jillian smiled and cuddled him infront of his mother. "Mom, I'm just going to stay here for today and I'll leave early tomorrow for work."

They sat on the sofa when they entered the room. Willie's one arm was resting on her shoulder while Laura was sitting to the opposite direction of the two.

"What happened by the way? You're both glowing. Is there something especial between you two?" Laura noticed how the two of them were surprisingly on the bright side.

"Mom, that's only for the both of us." Willie winked at his mother with a meaningful look on his face.

"Aren't you going back to the hotel? You're still on duty." Jillian reminded him to avert the subject.

"Yeah! I'll go back but I'll take an emergency leave for you since you're back and all, My love." Willie pinched her chin to face him and he gave her a passionate kiss on her lips.

When their lips parted, Jillian blushed because of Laura's presence infront of them. "Silly! You'll get fired from work if you keep doing that."

"I don't mind as long as your happy, my love." He said cheerfully and he stood up to go to work. "I'm going now but I'll be back soon, My love. Mom, please take care of my girl for me?" He glanced at Jillian and to his mother.

Jillian nodded and smiled at him.

On the other hand, Laura can't hide her excitement as she was looking at both of them. "Don't worry about her, I'll take good care of her for you." She said.

Before Willie left, he gave Jillian a kiss on her forehead. Laura stood up and started preparing the list of her groceries.

"Do you need help, mom?" Jillian was uneasy calling Laura "mom" as she instructed her.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm just going to the grocery store to buy some food for us. Would you like to come with me?" Laura asked her.

Jillian nodded and went with her in the grocery store. They took a taxi because Jillian left her car in the hotel last night. When they were shopping in the store, a group of men came with guns on th

ith a smile on his face.

" I want to eat congee with lots of fried garlic on top of it and two boil eggs on it too." She requested.

" Okay, I'll go buy some confer for you, My love. How about you, mom?" He asked glancing at his mother who was sitting silently on the chair.

" I'll just have a cup of rice with chopsuey on top of it with mushroom soup, son." Laura answered looking at him.

" I'll be going now! I'll come back as soon as possible, My love. I don't want you to get thinner and hungry." He said teasing at her and kissed her hand, forehead and lastly her lips.

When Willie was gone, Jillian felt happy with how caring Willie was to her. She smiled and closed her eyes for a bit. Laura kept on staring at her.

Jillian is such a sweet brave girl. How I wish she'll remain in my son's side forever. I'll be the happiest mother in the world if I see them marry and have children. Laura wished silently on the chair.

Not long after, Willie came back with their food. He placed the bowl on the table and peeled the boiled eggs. He gave another two bowls of food to his mother. He also bought energy drink for Jillian.

"Wil, thank you!" Jillian felt a little bit guilty. This man came into her life unexpectedly and because of her best friend's request. Her face became gloomy.

"My love, what's wrong? Why are you thanking me?" He asked curiously.

Jillian embraced Willie tightly and tears fell from her eyes. She can't control the feeling she had inside of her that's ripping her heart with tremendous pain.

How will she be able to tell him the truth. When will be the right time for her to be guilt free? Willie had stolen my heart. How can I be able to survive without him in my life? She thought.

Willie got worried. " My love, what's going on with you?"

" I'm thankful that you're here for me. I love you so much, Wil." She made an alibi to hide the truth from him.

Willie slightly laughed at her. " Silly woman! I love you too!"

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