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   Chapter 18 Caught red handed

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After Willie visited her, Jillian was invited in a boy's party. Their Commander in Chief was going to celebrate his 56th birthday at Crimson Hotel in its bar section.

"Everyone, listen up! I'm going to throw a party to celebrate my birthday tonight! I'm looking forward to see you all there!" The commander in chief announced and then he turned to Jillian who was standing from the crowd. " I hope to see you tonight, Jillian!" He was smiling happily.

Jillian never wanted to join any party especially with boys but since it was reasonable enough to go just this once for the happiness of their chief. "Yes, Sir! What kind of party is that?" She asked hastily.

"A casual party for all of us. I want us all to relax and enjoy on my birthday." He answered.

Jillian nodded and said: "Okay, Sir! I'll be there!"

When she announced that she was going to attend the party, the crowd cheered. They were all expecting to have a date with her although it was a party.

"Jillian, can I be your escort tonight?" Richard approached her with a smile on his face. He was looking forward to be with her tonight and might as well end up having a good conversation about his feelings for her.

Jillian glanced at him with a warning look. "I don't need an escort!" She rejected his offer.

Richard was persistent and looked at her in a pleading look. "Jillian, please!" He said with his two hands joined like he was praying in front of her.

Cheez! This guy never gives up! Where did his perseverance came from? Now im regretting saying yes to the chief. She thought.

"I said no!" Jillian declined.

Winston overheard Richard proposing to Jillian and he smiled when he heard Jillian declining his invitation. He took the opportunity to give a try if Jillian wanted him as her escort too.

"How about me Jillian? Can I accompany you tonight?" Winston smiling at her with anticipation.

Jillian glanced at him and gave her answer. "Cut it out, will you? It's a party we are going in and not a date." She said annoyingly. Jillian left the crowd and went back to the training ground, leaving the two men still debating with their eyes on each other.

Both men were glaring at each other. They were both competing in getting Jillian's attention. The other officers gossiped as they saw them debating on who will Jillian accept to be with her in the party. They were all whispering towards one another.

In Crimson Hotel bar, Willie was having a nice chat with Monica. He was serving some drinks to his customers while talking to her. Monica's eyes were focused on the handsome man. She never blinked an eye while drinking her liquor.

"How are you today, lover boy?" Monica said in a sexy manner.

"Same as usual!" Willie smiled at her while tumbling two bottles of liquor on his hands and poured it on two glasses.

"What kind of answer is that?" Monica reclaimed and laughed at him.

"What I mean is, I'm doing fine and always busy. Got no time for fun." Willie was done tossing the bottles and gave it to the ladies infront of him. He saw the ladies giggled when he gave them their drinks but he ignored it and just let it go.

"Why don't you hang out with me sometimes." Monica suggested and then she drank her liquor.

"I wish I could but I can't leave my work. We are lacking of manpower as you can see.". He declined.

"You poor thing! How abo

m him.

Jillian went into the light and Willie looked flustered when she saw her. They were caught red handed.

"Jillian ?!" He murmured in disbelief.

"I'm not Jillian. I'm a ghost. Sorry for disturbing your lustful night." Jillian moved away and never looked back at them. She headed back inside the bar.

Willie went back to the counter eagerly. His heart was aching. His mind was confused.

Where are you Jillian? Damn it! Why did this happen? I must find her no matter what! He said to himself.

Jillian drank 2 glasses of vodka when she returned into her companions. She was so depressed and angry. Richard and Winston glanced at each other. They looked worried on her behaviour.

"Jillian, hey slow down! There's a lot of drinks for everyone. Are you so thirsty that you wanted to drink all of that in one go?" Winston took the glass from her.

"Mind your own business!" She said and took another two rounds of liquor from the waiter.

"Jillian, it's unlikely of you to drink so much. Come on! Stop it! You're going to get drunk!" Winston tried to stop her but Jillian continued drinking liquor.

"Richard, will you dance with me? I want to dance!" She said when she had finished drinking ten glasses of vodka.

"Jillian, come on! You're drunk!" Richard protested and looked at her tenderly.

"If you don't want to dance, then I'll go dance by myself." She stood up from her seat and tried to balance herself to stand firm but failed because she felt her knees were so weak. She was about to stumble and fall when Willie finally saw her and caught her in his arms.

"Jillian!" He said her name with full of concern.

"Oh! Hi, there lover boy! Why did you come here?" Jillian was mumbling and her eyes were half sleep. Her face was reddish.

"Jillian, let's talk!" Willie looked at her with a pleading look.

"I don't want to talk to you. I want to dance. " Jillian tried to move away from him but failed because her body was swaying.

Willie doesn't want to take her by force but he had no other choice. He carried Jillian in his arms carefully and Jillian was about to protest but had no more strength to argue with him. She just let it go and leaned on him for a bit until she fell asleep in his warm body.

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