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   Chapter 17 That's Commander Casanova's Fiancè

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It has been a week that Jillian was on the military academy. Though her time was too occupied, She always had the chance to talk or text Willie. Today, Jillian requested to take her day off. She was exhausted from the every day to day training and paperwork. While she was roaming around the military building, a junior trainee came rushing to her. " Ma'am, pardon me for intruding but you have a visitor waiting for you at the visiting area. He said his your fiancè. "

" Okay! Thank you for informing me. You may go now! "Jillian's eyes were sparkling when she heard the news. She dashed towards the visiting room and found Willie sitting on a bench.

"Wil!" She shouted his name loud and clear.

"My love!" Willie said it loud too and stood up as soon as he heard her voice calling his name. His eyes were full of affection towards her. He opened his arms widely to give her a welcome hug. They embraced tightly and kissed each other as if they had not seen for a decade. Their hearts became one. "Jillian, My love! I miss you so much! How I've longed to be with you like this. Holding you in my arms and kissing your luscious lips."

"Wil, you're exaggerating!" She said shyly and hit his chest tenderly with her hand.

Willie smiled and looked at her face. "But that's the truth, my love. I always think of you even at work. I couldn't concentrate knowing that your not at home when I go to our room."

Not far from them two trainees where watching them by accident when they ran some errands for their officers.

"Hey, whose that guy?" The taller trainee said to his companion. He was pointing at Willie's direction.

"That's our commander Casanova's fiancè. I heard that they will get married after we finish our training with her." The other trainee replied.

The taller trainee nodded and said: "I see."

The other trainee saw his face full of curiosity and had been looking intensely at Jillian for a long time. "Don't tell me you like the commander too."

The taller trainee glanced at him. "I guess I do. She's an amazing woman. She's one in a million."

The other trainee nodded as he agreed to what he just said. "You're right. She is amazing but the commander is aloof with other men."

While they were busy chatting with each other, Jillian saw them and approached them with a furious looking face.

"Why are you two relaxing here?" She asked them angrily.

The two trainees startled when they heard her demanding voice. They looked terrified when they saw her frowning at them.

"Commander, we have finished our task." The taller trainee replied nervously.

"I see. Then, I want you to carry him for me for about 10 minutes. McBride watch over them." Jillian comma

a calm manner. "No! What I'm saying is..."

Before he could finish his words, Jillian spoke vividly to him. "Did you come here to show me your misbehaviour in this place, Wil? Can't you trust me?"

Suddenly, Willie felt guilty and he tried to comfort her. He embraced her tightly and kissed her passionately. When their lips parted, Willie stared at her lovely face tenderly. "I do trust you but I don't trust him."

"Then if you trust me, stop acting mischievous to them. They are worth nothing to me because I already have you. Understand?" Jillian gave him her word and it touched Willie's heart.

Willie felt so happy when she gave her reassurance. He smiled and said to her: "I understand! I'm sorry! I was just afraid that you might fall for him and forget about me. My insecurities got into me again. I love you so much, Jillian!"

" I love you too! No one can replace you in my heart." Jillian touched his cheek as she stared at him lovingly.

Oh Willie! How I wish you'll never cheat on me and that you'll love me even more. I hope someday you'll forget your revenge and we will stay being together forever. Jillian thought and she shook her head subconsciously.

Willie noticed that something was bothering Jillian's mind. " My love, what are you thinking?" He asked looking at her attentively.

" Nothing! Just forget about what happened a while ago. I'm just glad you came here today." Jillian tried to hide what was on her mind and she clung into him.

"I'm glad too!" Willie said it on her ear giving Jillian a feeling of intense electricity on her nerves. His words were resonating into her ear and his warm breath was soothing her skin. She closed her eyes and Willie caught her lips again. They kissed in a way that they could satisfy themselves from each other's desire.

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