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   Chapter 16 I miss you too

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After the morning exercise for the troops, Jillian sat down in her office chair. Richard who happened to be near her desk, notice her gloomy face.

"Hey, Jillian! Why are you looking so sad?" He asked with a tender look on his face. He was concern on her as he glanced to her direction.

"Nothing!" Jillian said hastily.

"You always say it's nothing but it is seen in your face that you are sad. Are you missing your lover perhaps?" Richard teased her unintentionally.

Why is it this guy always have to be so persistent? I rejected him several times and yet he wants to peruse courting me. I don't get him at all. She thought as she glanced at him for a bit.

"Richard, stop asking questions. It's so annoying! Tell me why are can't you just ignore me for a while." Jillian was irritated by him, asking too unnecessary questions that resulted to her being annoyed of his presence.

"I can't do that because my eyes were meant to see you and you alone. My heart only belongs to you, Jillian!" Richard sounded like he was about to propose her and she hated that idea.

" Wow! How poetic! Where did you learn that, Richard? I think you need to stop what you are doing Richard. It's not working on me at all. Go find someone else to love." Jillian mocked him.

"I know I'm being stubborn and selfish but I'll still wait for you." He said with determination.

Jillian shook her head in disbelief on how Richard can be so persistent on her. She always reject him but he kept his faith that they'll be together someday as a couple.

"Richard, why don't we just stay as friends. It's better that way!" Jillian proposed as he looked at him seriously.

"I can't do that. I don't want us to be just mere friends. I want us to be together as a couple, Jillian. If you only give me a chance, I'll do anything to make you happy. " He said and he went close to her. Leaving his chair behind.

"Whatever! You're hopeless!" Jillian remarked and took some paper on her table. She planned to ignore him but suddenly Richard called her name.

"Jillian!" Richard was standing infront of her. She looked up to see him.

"What?!"Jillian was annoyed but to her surprise, Richard kissed her lips in an instant. She froze for a second and pushed him away from her.

"Richard, what the hell do you think you're doing? Have some respect on me, will you? I'm different from the girls who dragged themselves to you." Jillian was furious of him.

"I know I'm sorry but I can't help it. Whenever I came clo

ot of women wanting to get into you at the bar." She said in a warning tone.

"I promise ." Willie raised his right hand.

"I have to go, Wil. It's time for my duty again." Jillian stood up and fixed herself after to remove the dirt in her butt.

"Okay! Bye! Mwah!" He gave her a flying kiss to show his affection to her. Jillian laughed and gave him a flying kiss too before she hung up the phone.

A man in uniform was walking towards her calling her by her name. It sounded like Winston's voice.

" Winston, were you calling me a while back?" Jillian asked him as she walked towards the training ground.

"Yes, it's time for their next training exercise." Winston was now infront of her. He was looking at her seriously. "I saw you hadn't eat much at lunch time. Are you okay are you tired ?"

"I just lost my appetite. Don't worry about me. I'm strong and healthy. " Jillian make a post of a macho look as if she had a lot of muscles to show to him.

"You're skinny yet you're tough. I really admire your guts, Jillian." He said with admiration.

Jillian turned to him when he deliberately gave her a remark. "Why I'm flattered? Thank you!" She said with a smile on her face.

Seeing Jillian smiled at him, Winston boosted up more of his inner will to have her attention. "Come on! Let's head out to the troops!" He said with a cheerful smile.

Jillian nodded as they continued to walk with him and put her phone on her pocket. She was a bit aloof to all the men in the military academy because of Willie. She doesn't want to give any special attention to any of them. For her, Willie was all she needed and no one can beat him from her heart.

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