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   Chapter 15 Eye for an eye

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After spending the whole day together, Jillian took several pictures of them together. She wanted to treasure every seconds that Willie was still beside her. woke up early and took her backpack and military shoes that she used last year's training. He kissed Willie in his lips tenderly. She doesn't want to wake him up because it will be a trouble for her. She left a picture on the table. It was their picture yesterday when they went to have fun together.

In the National Military Academy, Jillian was driving her car and parked it in the parking lot. She carried her things and went inside the military academy office.

"Good morning, Sir! Inspector Casanova reporting for duty." She saluted the general as she stood infront of him.

"Good morning, Miss Casanova! It's nice to see you again. Please follow me." The general walked along with her as he showed the way to her quarter. They stopped at the last room and he opened the door for her.

"Same old quarter for me." She remarked and smiled while gazing around the room.

"Yup! Your old students were the ones who cleaned this room for you when they heard that you were coming back." The general said smiling at her.

"I see. They are excited to see me, huh?!" Jillian mocked.

"Well, they can't forget a pretty disciplinarian like you." The general laughed enthusiastically.

" Oh, really?! " She nodded acting like she was in doubt.

"I better leave so that you can rest for a bit before we proceed with the introduction to the newly established troops. " The general walked out and they saluted at each other before he disappeared infront of her.

While she was unpacking her things, she heard a stamp of foot from her door. She was curious who was coming. She turned around and saw colonel Richard.

"Inspector Jillian, it's nice to see you again!" He smiled as he entered the room with anticipation.

"Why are you here, Richard?" She said and felt annoyed by him.

"I'm here to welcome you back!" Richard was staring at her physique.

"Thanks! I'm sorry but I need to go meet the troops. See you around." She tried to avoid Richard. He was too persistent in courting her.

"Mind if I accompany you on your way?" He asked as he followed her through the door.

Jillian let go of a sigh. "I guess, it's okay!"

As they walked at the hallway towards the training ground, Jillian was more and more impatient. She can't stand Richard seeking attention fro


" Are you ready for me? This is an eye for an eye battle." Jillian looked at Winston with determination. "So, it's you against me colonel."

"Hey, it's unfair! You didn't say that you'll fight too?" Winston raised his two hands leveled to his face.

"Are you afraid of me, colonel ?" Jillian's voice was teasing him.

" Of course not. No hard feelings, okay?" Winston was worried that he might get Jillian hurt but this was a training and he must do his task properly.

Jillian nodded and she was ready to attack. With her quick pace, She managed to punched Winston gutter and kicked his dick which cause Winston to feel pain and scream. Everyone was amazed by Jillian's move. She was like Chun Lee of the street fighter. Winston surrendered immediately. "I give up! "He said feeling pain.

"I guess nobody won. How unfortunate of you, guys? Let me explain why there's a duel in your training. Sometimes our enemies were the ones who were close to us. Friends betray friends. Lovers kill their lovers. Learn to distinguish whether you can trust a person or not. Every action has a price to pay. Now do you understand, men?" Jillian explained thoroughly to them. They all nodded agreeing to what she said.

"Now, let's have tug of war using a vehicle as your opponent. How will you manage to overcome your strength and insecurities at the same time. " Jillian looked at them with so much determination.

The whole day training made them all worn out. Even Winston was speechless on Jillian's technique on manipulating all of them with her. She's really incredible! Winston thought while he was gazing at her.

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