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   Chapter 14 Be my bride

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 11179

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That night, Jillian went back to Willie's apartment. She changed her clothes and went to bed.

She doesn't want to think about what will happen next. All she wanted was to be with Willie as much as possible. Until she will be ready to tell him the truth.

At midnight, Willie came home. He opened his room and saw Jillian sleeping soundly on their bed. He saw Jillian was still wearing her pink haltered dress and her high heels. Willie smiled and shook his head. He came close to her and took off her sandal before covering her with the quilt. He gave her a gentle kiss on her lips and stared at her lovingly.

Willie took off his clothes and took a bath. He was wondering whom Jillian met this evening. He got jealous when he remembered Jillian and Theo's show of affection infront of him at lunch time. There were also two men who were courting Jillian. What should he do to make Jillian look at him and love him even though at first he only wanted Jillian for his revenge.

After taking a bath, he dried himself using a towel and put his sando and boxer short.

He laid down next to Jillian and wrapped his arms around her body. He smelled the sweet scent of fragrance on her. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Three months have passed, so far they never had any serious argument and Willie had became more considerate on Jillian's work. He was able to overcome his insecurities and his jealousy towards other men that Jillian encountered because of her work. Jillian was happy being with Willie and living with him.

One day, Jillian received an order coming from the commander in chief of their department. She was assigned to take part in training the newly established troops in the military academy for six months.

In the director's office of the police department, Jillian was standing infront of her superior.

"Sir, why me?" Jillian wanted to refuse the task given to her. She asked her superior in a calm manner.

"I know your skills and capabilities. I know you can train them well jus like what you did to the other military troops that you've trained last year. They were all disciplined and reliable because of your hard work on them." Her superior explained who was sitting in his chair and looking at her with determination.

"Sir, with due respect, it would be unfair for the others if you let me do the task once more. There are other qualified officers to do the task." Jillian was determined to let the superior changed his mind.

"Everyone agreed that you are the most suitable person to be sent in the academy. Please don't let us down." The superior's words was final.

Jillian sighed heavily before she looked at him once more.

"I guess, I don't have a choice. Okay! I accept the task but in one condition, after the training, I will have a one month vacation leave, Sir." Jillian set her rules.

"Approved! You are starting the day after tomorrow." Her superior undoubtedly gave his permission to her.

"Thank you, Sir! Permission to leave, Sir." Jillian saluted and asked permission to leave. The superior nodded and saluted her before she walked outside his office. She went back to her desk and sat down on her chair feeling dissatisfied and displeased. She continued her paper work afterwards.

At lunch time, Willie came to her office and brought her some food. He sat

he reason why she was behaving differently yesterday until today. He thought.

"Six months? That means I won't be seeing you for six months?" He said sadly.

"Yes, I just receive a letter yesterday and I can't say no because it was a command from the higher officers." Jillian looked away from him.

"Jillian, no matter what happens you'll return to me, right?" Willie felt sad.

Jillian nodded and gave him a warm embrace.

"I love you so much, Jillian!" Willie whispered into her ears as he brushed Jillian's curly hair.

"I love you too!" Jillian said with so much affection. "Can you wait for me?"

Willie nodded and gave a little distance between them so that he could see her face. "Can I come visit you there?"

"Yes, of course! But I only have minimum time to spare for you when I'm there." She answered.

"It's okay as long as I got to be with you." He said seriously. "We've been living together for three months and I'm already accustomed to seeing you every day and be with you night and day. Now, we are going to separate but remember that you are always in my heart."

"Me, too." Jillian rubbed his face with her one hand. For the first time, Jillian felt he wanted to keep him forever but she knows that Willie will probably have a change of heart when he found out the truth.

After sailing using a boat, they laid down together in the meadow grass. They held hand in hand.

"I'm so lucky to have a woman like you. You're my one and only, my lady!" Willie said and gazed at her side. Then he sat down and brought out the small box from his pocket. "I want you to keep this for me." He took off the ring from the box and put it on her ring finger. "That's important to me because it's from my mother. I want you to have this. A proof that you're mine alone and no one can separate us, my lady."

Jillian sat down and took a good look on the ring. "An engagement ring? Willie I don't know what to say." She was amazed by his sudden proposal which is indirectly done.

"Let's get married after your assignment. I want you to become Mrs Jillian Harvard. I want you to become my wife." He said and kissed the ring on her finger.

Their hearts were set on fire as they embraced one another.

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