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   Chapter 13 Willie's true identity

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Updated: 2018-08-30 16:22

After meeting up with Theo, Jillian called Aya on her phone. She was sitting inside her car. She can't think straight. This day was full of surprises. She don't know what to think of any more.

"Jillian, what's up?" Aya asked eagerly.

"Ummm....can we meet tonight, Aya?" Jillian bit her lips.

"Sure! What time?" Aya's voice was low and almost in a whispering tone.

"About nine o'clock this evening at Crimson Hotel. I have a good news and a bad news for you, girl." Jillian answered.

"Okay!" Aya hung up the phone immediately.

Jillian put back her phone on her bag and drove her car towards Willie's place.

When she arrived, she knocked on the door and Laura opened it for her with a smile on her face.

"I'm home!" Jillian said with a smile on her face. She was exhausted and very tired.

"Welcome home, sweetie! You look so tired. Want some tea?" Laura noticed her pale looking face.

"No thanks, mom! I'll go get some rest. Thanks for the offer anyway, Mom." Jillian walked towards her room. Laura looked at her with a worried face.

When Jillian entered her room, she threw her bag and laid down on her bed. This day was full of surprises to her.

Why did Theo said he loved me and if Willie found out that I knew his secret. What will I do? I am so confused. Jillian held her head as if it will going to burst any moment. She closed her eyes for a while to take a rest.

A knocking on the door woke up Jillian from her sleep.

"Sweetie dinners ready!" It was Laura calling her out.

"I'm coming, Mom!" She answered. She took off her uniform and changed clothes before she headed out towards the dining room.

Laura was placing their plates when she walked in. She sat down on the chair. Laura sat down too opposite to her. They ate together since Willie was still on his work.

"Mom can I ask you something?" Jillian asked casually as she put on some food on her plate.

"What is it, sweetie?" Laura looked at her with a smile on her face.

" Who is Willie's father? I hope I'm not causing you any trouble. I just want to know him more." Jillian explained herself.

Laura was shocked by her sudden asking but sighed afterwards and lo

y had a tossed and drank at the same time. They smiled at each other.

Aya glanced at her watch and got worried. " Ops! I got to go, girl. I just sneak out from the house. Charles will get mad at me again if he finds out that I'm not inside the house."

" Sometimes you should talk to that jealous husband of yours. He's beginning to annoy me." Jillian stood up and kissed her cheek.

" I'm planning to give him a lesson but I'll figure out what's the appropriate punishment I should give him though." Aya laughed as she stood up and picked up her sling bag.

" I'll call you when I'm ready to introduce you properly to him." Jillian said to her.

"Okay! Bye!" Aya walked away from her and left.

Jillian remained seated on her chair and drank one more glass of martini. She felt she needed some more alcohol in her body. She looked at Willie who was standing infront of the counter. He was serving a group of ladies who seemed to like him.

Jillian closed her eyes for a brief moment, memorizing Willie's face and body. His sweet smile and gentle touch.

She opened her eyes afterward and there was a bit of jealousy that engulfed her whole being. She frowned when she saw a girl kissed Willie on his cheek. She finished her drink in one gulp and paid her bill before leaving. She doesn't want Willie to notice her.

On the other hand, Willie felt someone was watching him. He looked around to confirm his suspicion and found nothing.

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