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   Chapter 12 Theo's confession

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After having lunch together, Jillian went back to her office. She felt something was wrong with Theo and Willie a while ago. Not long after, Jillian received a phone call from Theo.

"What's up, Theo?" Jillian said as she answered the phone.

"Can you please come to my office, My little girl?" Theo asked her with a sweet alluring voice.

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"I need to talk to you privately please?" Theo pleaded.

"You sounded like I'm in trouble." Jillian gave him a mocking laugh.

"I guess you are!" Theo answered seriously.

"Huh?!" Jillian was shocked.

Theo is really acting weird today.It's unlikely of him to invite me into his office. After he met Willie at lunch time, he seemed to be more worried about her. What did Willie and Theo talked about when she was not around them? She thought.

"I'll wait for you!" Theo said with full of worries on her.

"Okay! I'll drop by after work. Would that be okay with you?" She answered politely.

"Sure!" Theo said and hung up the phone while Jillian focused on the case she was working at a while ago.

After work, Jillian headed to Theo's office. She was really bothered of what Theo have to tell her privately.

She was on her way to Theo when she saw Natasha.

" Hi, Natasha! Long time no see!" Jillian said waving at Theo's secretary.

Natasha smiled at her sweetly and said: " Hi, Jillian! Sir Theo is waiting for you in his office. He instructed me to tell you that you can enter there without being questioned."

" I see! Shall we go then?" Jillian looked at her and smiled.

Natasha nodded and they walked together towards Theo's office. Natasha knocked on the door for her.

" Come in!" Theo's voice was overhea

, I think I'm in love with you!" He announced.

Jillian shook her head when she heard what Theo said to her. "That can't be! You're with Elsa now!"

"Maybe I was a fool not to notice my feelings for you when you distanced yourself to me and when I saw you with him I couldn't bare the pain." Theo tightened his grasp to her.

"Theo, what's wrong with you?" Jillian tried to release herself from his embrace but Theo was strong. He held her more tightly and had no intention of letting her go.

"I love you Jillian... not as a sister nor my sister's friend.... but as a woman." He declared.

"You're kidding, right?" Jillian felt confused.

"I'm not. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Can you give me a chance to be with you again? Just like the old times." Theo kept holding her.

Jillian shook her head and said: " I can't! I'm sorry!" Jillian broke free from him when Theo loosened his grip. She stood up and looked at him with an apologetic look on her face. " I better go! Thanks for inviting me here though."

Theo looked at her sadly. Jillian walked away from him and opened the door. She glanced at him. " Good bye, Theo!"

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