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   Chapter 11 Man to Man talk

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While Jillian was in Willie's arm, Jillian was reminded that they were not yet inside her office. Instantly, she pushed away Willie.

" What's wrong, My love?" Willie asked her curiously, looking at her intriguingly.

Jillian looked around to see if everyone was watching them and it seemed they were all too busy in their own work. She felt relieved and opened the door of her office.

" Would you like to come in? I don't want to cause a scene here at my workplace." She said calmly, taking a glance at him.

" Okay, My love." He followed her towards her office. Jillian walked inside her room and closed the door after Willie had entered.

" My love, can we have lunch out today?" Willie asked and embraced her tightly from behind.

" Okay! That's fine with me!" Jillian said and took her bag.

" Don't take your car. I'll do the driving and you'll have to sit down next to me. We'll use my car instead." Willie smiled and they walked out of her office. They held hand in hand as they walked towards the car.

When they got inside the car, they were both silent until they reached the Crystal restaurant. Willie stopped the car and they got off in it. Arm in arm, they entered the restaurant happily.

When they sat down together in a reserved table for two, Willie ordered an Italian food. While waiting for their order, Jillian leaned around the place and saw a familiar face of a man standing at the entrance door. It was Theo.

Unexpectedly, Theo met Jillian's eyes and he approached her with a smile on his face.

"Jillian, what a coincidence?" He said staring at her lovingly.

"T...Theo?!" Jillian was shocked and can't look straight to him.

"Well, are you on a date?" Theo asked and gazed at Willie who looked displeased.

"Yeah!" She answered.

"Would you like to introduce me to him, my little girl?" Theo got interested to whom Jillian was having a date with.

"Ummm....Theo meet Willie...Willie meet Theo. He is the brother of my friend Aya." She said and both men shook hands infront of her.

"Nice to meet you, bro." Theo smiled and looked at him straight to his eyes.

"Same here!" Willie smiled and pretended not to know his own big brother.

"Are you Jillian's man?" Theo asked surprisingly.

"Yes!" Willie answered.

"I see! Good for you, my little gir!" Theo glanced at both of them.

"Theo, what are you doing here anyway? Aren't you supposed to be busy in your office?" Jillian asked casually.

her as she sat next to him. "Do you still care for him?"

Jillian was speechless for a while before she could answer him.She was shocked at the same time.

Seeing her reaction now, Willie felt insecure. "You seemed to be more inclined to him than me, being here with you." He said in a sad tone.

"Nonsense! He's just a big brother to me now." She defended herself.

Willie pinched her chin to face him. "Jillian, I want you to look at me and only me. I want you to see.How much I care and love you. I don't want you, looking at any other man aside from me." He said anxiously.

Jillian laughed. "Your possessive! How will I do that I'm a police officer and I interact with different men everyday?" She asked.

"I know but....can you at least be more attentive on me?" He said with a pleading look on his face.

"I get what you mean, silly. You really are a jealous boyfriend after all." Jillian said and she planned to give him a quick kiss when she came face to face with him. She wanted to give him assurance somehow to ease his insecurities.

"I know I promise I won't be jealous but I can't help it. You're too important to me right now.i love you so much!" Willie said with a tender look on his face.

"I love you too!" She said and kissed him but the kissed was deepened when Willie held her head pressing it closer to him.

When their lips parted, a waiter came and placed their orders on the table.

" Let's eat! I'm hungry and we have work to do!" Willie became cheerful and held her hand, squeezing it gently.

" Okay!" Jillian said and she took her food and ate comfortably with Willie next to her.

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