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   Chapter 10 I'll make up with you

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Updated: 2018-08-28 16:55

Leaving the three men behind, Jillian took her car and went back to her own apartment. She doesn't want to argue nor see any of those men for a little while. She opened the door and closed it when she got inside her room.

Jillian sighed in relief when she finally got a peaceful place to take her time off. She laid down on her bed and called Aya on her mobile phone.

" Hi, Aya!" Jillian said when someone picked up the phone.

" This is a surprise, girl! Got a problem?" Aya knew the sound of her voice when Jillian has a problem.

"Well, first I want to confess to you." Jillian said straight forward to her.

Aya was puzzled by what she said.

"Confess? What is it?" Aya said curiously.

Jillian sighed heavily before answering Aya again.

"Promise me you'll not get mad." Jillian was determined.

"Promise!" Aya answered.

"Well, Willie and I are lovers now." Jillian said twirling a fibre of her hair.

"I see! So, what seems to be the case there? It's just normal to love, girl." Aya said while combing her long hair infront of the mirror.

"I haven't talk to Laura yet about what you needed to know. Aside from that, Willie got in a fight just now with Brandon and Richard." Jillian was annoyed thinking of the three men.

"Who won?" Aya teased her.

"Girl, are you on my side or not?" Jillian got irritated.

"Just kidding! I get what you mean now. You need a love advice, huh?" Aya became serious.

"Sort of." Jillian scratched her head.

"Jillian, you're beautiful, nice, brave and smart. You should take time on yourself sometimes. Let them fight in a good way. But tell me, do you love Willie enough to tell him about the truth?"

Jillian was speechless for a while before she could answer her.

"I do love him but I'm mad at him, right now. He's being a jealous boyfriend." Jillian calmed down a bit.

"You have to know how

nd. I'm sorry I got jealous." Willie said in a pleading look.

"Willie, just leave me alone for a while, will you?" Jillian resisted his look.

"No!" Willie protested. He looked so desperate.

"Willie!" Jillian called out his name with a warning look on her face.

"What do you want me to do? I'll make up with you. Please forgive me. I love you, Jillian!" Willie knelt down infront of her.

"Now is not the time for that I'm busy so get lost!" Jillian got even madder. She was about to stepped into her office when she heard Willie called out her name once more.

"Jillian!" Willie called out her name once more.

"What?!" Jillian who was irritated looked at him again.

Suddenly, Willie pulled her closer to his body and kissed her passionately again and again. Until he felt Jillian was calm and kissed her back in return.

When their lips parted, Willie whispered into her ears. "I'm sorry!"

"Okay! Your forgiven." Jillian whispered too.

Willie embraced her tightly and pinched her chin to face him. "I love you!"

Jillian bit her lips because she felt shy but had the courage to look straight to his eyes. "I love you too!"

Again, Jillian's lips were claimed by Willie. They shared an intimate kiss one more time.

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