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   Chapter 9 She's mine

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After Jillian was congratulated by her comrades, they all went back to their post and continued their work as usual.She was too focused on typing on her computer when Willie covered her eyes with his two hands.

"Hi, My love!" He whispered in her ears.

Jillian was surprised and took off his hands to look at him.

"Willie!" She said softly. "Can't you learn how to knock before coming in?"

Willie smiled at her and embraced her from behind. "Well I wanted to surprise my lovely girl."

Afterwards, Willie brought her the flowers and gave it to her.

"For you, My love!" He said.

Jillian reached out to the flowers and smiled at him sweetly.

"Thank you!" She said looking at him tenderly.

Looking at his bruises that was caused by rescuing the little girl a while ago, Jillian felt guilty. She touched his bruises gently. "Does it hurt?"

"A little bit but I will feel better if you gave it a kiss." Willie said to her to tease her and challenge her.

"Well, I don't mind doing it for you since I owe you big time." Jillian lowered his head and kissed his bruises.

Willie was touched by her sweetness and looked at her more passionately. He pinched her chin and kissed her once more.

When their lips parted, Jillian leaned on him for a second before they unpacked the food that Willie brought for lunch.

"Are you coming at the bar this evening? I'd like to celebrate with you, My love." Willie was putting some food on her plate while Jillian was sitting infront of him.

"Okay! I guess you deserve it." Jillian reached out to the plate he prepared for her.

"No, we both deserve it!" Willie protested and took a plate for him.

They happily ate together, exchanging glances and holding each other's hands.

"I'm going now, My love!" Willie said when they had finished eating their lunch.

Jillian nodded and smiled at him but Willie grabbed her waist and kissed her passionately again and again before he took off and left her speechless.

After work, Jillian drove her car back to Willie's apartment. Laura opened the door for her when she arrived and was knocking on the door.

"I'm home!" Jillian said feeling exhausted.

"Welcome home, sweetie!" Laura greeted her back with a sweet smile on her face.

"Do you want something, sweetie? By the way, I heard from the news that Willie helped you out in rescuing civilians trapped inside a burning building." Laura followed Jillian who came in with her thing

!" She said glancing at him.

The two men were glaring at each other when another man came in.

"Jillian, it's nice to see you here!" Another man with a charming look walked towards them.

"Richard, what a surprise? This isn't another coincidence, right?" Jillian mocked and looked at the man who was attentively looking at her.

"Well, you could say that!Can I join you?" Richard said to her.

"No!" Both men shouted at Richard and they were glaring at him.

"Huh?! Who are they to you, Jillian?" Richard asked curiously.

"Well....Willie is my boyfriend and... you know him." Jillian introduced the two men who were fighting with their eyes a little while ago. She pointed Willie first before she pointed at Brandon.

"Yeah, my long time rival!" Richard said glaring at Brandon.

Cheez! Why did I end up in this situation? I came here for fun but I ended up in between these guys. Jillian thought. She rolled her eyeballs in vain.

"I'm out of here!" Jillian drank the glass of martini in one gulp and walked fast, away from them.

"Wait!" The three men shouted and ran to catch up with her.

"Jillian, hang on a sec!" Brandon had reached her hand and pulled her in his arms.

"Hey, don't touch her!" Willie looked at him fiercely.

"You don't have the right!She's not totally yours yet!" Brandon argued at Willie.

"Damn you!" Willie got totally mad and clenched his fists in anger.

"Stop it!" Jillian shouted at them and glared at them. " If you want to fight, go on! But leave me alone!"

Then Jillian went outside terribly mad to all of them. They all froze at what Jillian had just said to them.

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