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   Chapter 8 The new heroine

Steal My Heart By Mystical Nymph Characters: 6008

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The mother of the little girl whom Jillian and Willie saved came close to them. She looked at them gratefully for their heroic deed.

"Thank you for saving my daughter, Ma'am, Sir!" The woman smiled at them joyfully.

However, Jillian and Willie smiled at the woman.

"You're welcome ma'am! It's my duty to serve and protect all the people in our jurisdiction. " Jillian proudly spoke to her. The woman bid farewell to both of them, holding the hand of her daughter.

Jillian turned around to face Willie who held her hand gently.

"Are you still going to work? " She said in a low tone of voice.

Willie scratched the back of his head as he glanced at her tenderly.

"It can't be helped! I'm the manager of the hotel. I need to work unless you want to be with me a little bit longer. " He teased her even more, grabbing her waist to press his body against hers.

" I don't want to interfere in your business. So, you better go to work now." Jillian said coldly.

Before Jillian could say more, Willie lowered his head and kissed her lips passionately. Willie was so damn hot. His kiss made Jillian forget that she was on duty and many people were watching them. When their lips parted, Jillian leaned on him for a bit. She felt her knees ran out of strength.

"Yes, I will go to work, My love!" Willie brushed his hand on Jillian's curly blonde hair that was soaking wet.

Then Frank appeared to them. He was standing behind Willie's back.

"Hey, man! Are you okay?" Frank said in a worried look on his face.

Willie turned around to face his friend and smiled.

"I'm okay but I think I'll be needing some spare clothes. I look like a mess." Willie looked at his clothes.

Another fire fighter approached them. He was looking directly towards Jillian.

"Inspector, th

eat smile on his face.

Willie sat down on the chair infront of the president's table. "Thank you, Sir!" He said afterwards.

"Please feel free to come for my help if you need anything." The president insisted.

Willie nodded and said: "Yes, sir! I will!"

In the police department, everyone gathered around at Jillian. They were all looking at her with pride and joy.

"Jillian, congratulations!" Everyone clapped their hands for her.

However, Jillian felt happy and proud of herself too. Saving one's life was the best thing she could do as a police officer. Her determination always made her strong and wilfully.

"Thank you everyone!" Jillian said, smiling at everyone.

"You're so brave!" Bradley said with astonishment.

"Thanks!" Jillian said and glanced at him for a bit.

"Congratulations for the job well done, inspector !" Jillian's higher ranked police officer said to her and shook hands with her.

"Your amazing as always, Ma'am!" The other's remarked.

"We are proud of you, Ma'am!" The police beside her said.

"Let's give a round of applause to our new heroine in Malvey City." The director said loudly and once again they clapped their hands for her.

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