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   Chapter 7 My reward

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In the morning, Jillian woke up early to prepare some breakfast for the three of them. It was still too early. The time was five in the morning. She slowly went out of the room and headed to the kitchen. She scanned the food inside the refrigerator.

There were fruits, meat and vegetables. She took some pork meat, green bell pepper, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes and potato. She made a chef salad and Graham cake before she cooked the main dish. She turned on the rice cooker as well when she had finished rinsing the rice and put some water in it.

While cooking, Jillian was surprised when someone kissed her cheek and hugged her tight. It was Willie. When she turned to look at him, she was caught off guard. Her lips was immidiately sealed with his lips and kissed her tenderly.

"Good morning, my love!" Willie whispered into her ears when their lips parted. He looked at her with so much affection.

"Good morning!" Jillian said softly while taking in some air. She almost run out of air when Willie kissed her.

"What are you cooking, my love?" Willie asked leaning his head on her shoulder.

Jillian continued cooking while Willie kept holding her from behind.

"Pork stew with chef salad. I also made a graham cake as our dessert. " She said casually.

"Mmmm....Smells delicious! I'll help out, my love. What else do you need?" He insisted.

"Okay. You can help me by preparing the coffee." She said without looking at him. His presence made Jillian conscious of herself.

"Okay, my love!" He obediently went to make a coffee for them.

Finally, Jillian finished cooking. She placed the pork stew in a big bowl. Willie took the other food she made and placed it on the table.

"Wow, it all looks delicious!" Laura remarked when she saw the food on the table. She walked towards them, glancing on the food placed on the table.

"Mom, good morning!" Willie and Jillian came close to her and kissed her on her cheek.

"You two are like newly weds. You look so in love with each other." Laura smiled and laughed sweetly. She sat down in one of the chairs. She liked teasing them especially Jillian.

"I'm so in love with my girl, mom!" Willie winked at Jillian who was standing next to him and grabbed her waist to give her a warm hug.

Into her surprise, Jillian blushed and startled when Willie grabbed her waist and hugged her.

"Willie!" She said shyly.

"Come on! Let's eat!" Willie said and carefully took a chair for her. She sat down next to him.

Willie had such a sweet side that was so adorable. Little by little, my heart is warming to him. Jillian thought as she glanced at him for a bit.

"My love, can I come for lunch in your office?" He asked with a sweet smile on his face.

Jillian scooped some pork stew and scooped a cup of rice from the rice cooker, putting it on her plate. Willie and his mother took some food and placed it on their plates too.

"Even if I say no, you'll definitely still come without my permission. " She said coldly. She glanced at Willie who was taking in his meal.

"I guess, you know that I can't resist not seeing my lovely girl!" He said as he took her right hand and kissed it infront of his mother.

Oh, my God! How can I resist this kind of sweet act? I think I'm falling for him as time passed by. Get a grip, Jillian! Don't let your guard down! Jillian said to herself.

Jillian ate together with Willie and his mother. They were happily enjoying their meal. Laura was secretly observing the two love birds infront of her. She was pleased to see how they sweetly exchanged gazes and how Willie took care of

tect her from being hurt. Willie saw Jillian not so far away from him. He ran and called out her name again and again. " Jillian!!!"

"I'm here!" Jillian said loudly when she saw a figure of a man approaching them. When the man was close to them, he recognised him immediately. It was Willie.

Jillian was a bit shocked to see Willie infront of her but managed to focus herself on the situation they were in. "Take the kid and leave." She said with determination.

"No! It's not safe for us to stay long here. Let's go out now!" Willie argued with her.

"It's my duty to save peoples lives." She reprimanded.

"And what if something happened to you!" He protested.

"Don't worry! I'll come back safe!" Jillian said and gave him the little girl. The little girl held on tight to Willie's body when she was carried by him.

"Jillian! No!" He shouted firmly gazing at her.

" Go!" Jillian pushed over Willie when she saw a hard block of wood was about to hit them.

Willie looked helplessly at Jillian before he headed outside the burning building.

Jillian saw other civilians and helped them get out of the building.

On the other hand, Willie safely got out from the building with the little girl. He looked at the people who were comingout of the building but there was no sign of Jillian anywhere.

I've got to find and save her. Willie said to himself.

Again, he went inside to look for Jillian. He felt happy when he saw Jillian coughing on a corridor.

"Jillian, my love! Thank goodness!" He said and he carried Jillian like a baby in his arms. He ran out quickly towards the exit door.

Everyone clapped their hands with joy when they saw Jillian and Willie together. They were all relieved.

Willie was being treated by a medic when Jillian came close to him and squatted infront of him.

" That was silly but I must're So brave back there." Jillian looked at him with concern.

"So, don't I deserve a reward from my love?" He looked at her passionately.

Willie held her hand gently while Jillian thought of a reward that was appropriate for him.

"Where's my reward, My love?" Willie gave her a meaningful look.

"I'll give you your reward later!" Jillian said smiling at him lovingly.

"I like to have it now, My love!" He demanded.

Suddenly, Willie pulled her closer to his body. Lowered his head and kissed her passionately without hesitation.

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